Today’s junior riders Poppy and Daisy braved the weather alongside their parents and managed to visit  (virtually) two of our most haunted placed in East Sussex.

Their first was the village of Alfriston which has its fair share of spooky goings on.

Locals have reported seeing fairies in the gardens, a ghostly lady on the staircase at the Smugglers Inn, and the appearance of four white oxen on the village green, tails touching forming an x, led to St Andrew’s church being built in that shape.

At Deans Place Hotel, a woman dressed in blue has been spotted on the landing. She is believed to have been murdered at the site. Whilst others claim to have seen a phantom dog in the car park.

The most well known ghostly tale is that of the Chowne family who owned Burnt House (next to Deans Place). In the early 1800s, the road between the properties was widened and a skeleton was found. It was thought to belong to the missing Chowne heir who had been murdered along with his white dog. The ghost of a dog has been spotted sitting next to the shallow grave.


Their next virtual destination took them to The Shelley’s in Lewes where it is believed to be haunted by poltergeists

The 16th century building was once owned by Henry Shelley, a relation of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (hence the name)

It was used as a military hospital for officers during the First World War, although the military apparitions seen at the hotel date back a little further.

One man was reputed to have seen the ghost of a cavalier from the Civil War on the staircase.

In 1978 there were reports of poltergeist activity which started when a QC said his bed levitated three inches during the night. Other activity included chairs moving and clothes hangers and ashtrays being thrown around.

A great effort today by our young riders today clocking up a total of 33.5 miles

We hope to see more of you out riding this week so we find out about more haunted places in our area.

Don’t forget to register so we can add your miles and invite you to the Halloween Hot Dog Night on Friday

Whose up for a challenge?

Andy (Gus) Lock and Guy Reynolds have created a little challenge that they hope might inspire you to get out and ride. It is open to members and non-members. There are two categories, MTB or Road. There are 10 locations in each category.
To participate you need to ride to each of these locations and take a photograph of your bike at that position. Each location has a prominent and hopefully obvious feature to use as a backdrop for the photograph (see example pictures).
To make things a little more challenging you are only provided with an 8 figure grid reference. Feel free to use a map, Google or any other method of your choosing to identify the feature.
A bottle of wine (or equivalent) will be awarded for:
The first person to provide photographs of all 10 locations, depicting the same bike, in either category wins.
There is an additional prize for the most original/unique photograph in each category.
To submit your photographs please email them to Guy Reynolds using his Ride Leaders email address found here.
1 TQ 31365 03837 TQ 30443 11045
2 TQ 45595 09363 TQ 30367 13368
3 TQ 64642 10400 TV 56352 95523
4 TV 56352 95523 TQ 38547 05237
5 TQ 55839 09375 TQ 45697 05960
6 TQ 4565 1286 TV 5889 9815
7 TQ 3307 0519 TV 5536 9697
8 TQ 33660961 TQ 54210324
9 TQ 8272 0952 TQ 3867 0754
10 TQ 6864 0608 TQ 3658 0254

If you decide to take up the challenge why not reach out to others (members and non-members) to see if they want to join you? It is likely that there are lots of enthusiastic new riders out there, looking for tips and direction; so why not try and channel that energy into the club.
Enjoy the Ride!
Andy (Gus) Lock and Guy Reynolds

Halloween Haunted Cycle Challenge – open to all junior members


HAlloween skeleton on a bike.Half term has arrived and it’s time to get on your bikes and get riding.

Starting Saturday 24th October Cycle Seahaven would like all our young riders (all members under 18) to get on their bikes and clock up some much needed miles for this virtual Halloween Challenge.

East Sussex hosts 11 of the most haunted places in the UK and we are planning to cycle (virtually) to as many of them as we can.

To cover all 11 we would need to cycle a total of 700 miles in just one week and that is why we need you ALL on board for this fun adventure.

The idea is that you get on your bike with your family and friends (where Covid restrictions permit) and get cycling.  It doesn’t matter if you do 1 mile or 20 miles because every single mile covered by you and your family will count.

We need you to be out riding as much as you can during the half term week and making sure you know how many miles you have covered on each ride.  Oh and don’t forget to take and send us your photos for each ride.  At the end of each day you just need to message us with the miles covered by you and whomever braved the weather to ride with you.  We will add everyone’s miles together and see how far we have travelled.

Each night we will calculate the distance covered and post on Facebook and the website blog where we have reached and give you a short story on why our destination for the day is so haunted.

The challenge will run until Saturday 31st October when we will post our final blog BUT on Friday 30th October we are planning something super Halloweeny.

All young members who take part will be able to visit a very local and haunted place.  We will be able to enjoy a hotdog, toast some marshmallows and share some spooky ghost stories.  You will of course have to dress up in your best Halloween costume for this but it will be worth it.

If you would like to take part then please do get in touch with either Donna Turner or Joanne Barlow to register and save your space for the Friday Night Fun.

Cuckoo Trail User Survey, Autumn 2020

From Neil Smith, Chair of Hastings and St Leonards Cycling Club.

“Wealden District Council is surveying users of the Cuckoo Trail, whether they are cyclists, runners or walkers.

I appreciate that your members may not get this far east too often, but it would be great if local cycling clubs could respond.

It’s important that the council hears from cyclists as well as other users so that a good range of views come across. “

This survey is only for people who currently or who have recently used the Cuckoo Trail e.g. within the last year or two.  The survey covers the stretch from Heathfield to Polegate, not the section around Shinewater in Eastbourne.

It is being carried out for Wealden District Council as part of a project to better understand who uses the Cuckoo Trail, what they like and dislike about it and how it can be improved.  Consultation stalls are also being run on the Cuckoo Trail this autumn, winter and spring.

We’d love to hear from all members of your family and / or your friends, so please do share the survey – please supervise your children if they want to take part.

The link is here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CuckooTrail1

Prizes up for grabs in East Sussex active travel challenge

Sustran’ s annual Active Travel Challenge in East Sussex is now open. People can register now to be in with a chance to win early bird prizes.

The Active Travel Challenge is an online journey-logging competition for people who live or work in East Sussex, with prizes up for grabs worth £1500.

Log your journeys throughout October

You can register as an individual or as a workplace team and log journeys made by walking, cycling and public transport throughout October.

The aim of the challenge is to encourage a switch to active and more sustainable travel.
Take part even if you’re working from home


In recognition of the impact that Covid is having on peoples’ lives, anyone currently working from home can still take part, by going for a walk, run or cycle during their working day.

Those taking part can also log any journey replacing the car with a mode of active travel.

Making walking and cycling the preferred way to travel

Robert Laslett, Sustrans’ Active Travel Officer, said:

“The Challenge fits really well with the Government’s new strategy for making walking and cycling the preferred way of travelling locally during the current pandemic and beyond.

“And we hope it will also help people to stay fit and healthy while having fun.”

A large proportion of the East Sussex population lives and work in the same area.

A fifth of people choosing to drive a car or van to work make trips under 2km, while nearly half of all journeys in Newhaven, Eastbourne, Bexhill and Hastings are under 5km.

Competitions such as the Active Travel Challenge have a significant role in helping people reconsider how they travel for everyday journeys, and in helping them to stay active if working from home.

Blockquote quotation marks

“I’ve realised that logging journeys has made me more mindful of leaving the car at home!” Blockquote quotation marks


Prizes to be won

There’s £1500 worth of prizes and vouchers to be won.

Anyone who logs 20 active journeys will automatically be entered into a prize draw for the grand prize of a new bike or a voucher to stay at the Rye Lodge Hotel.

Other prizes include an East Sussex organic winery tour and lunch, cream tea at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne, a local fruit and veg box, Klean Kanteen water bottles and vouchers for Cotswold Outdoor, National Trust and Wiggle.

There is also a package of charity donations to give away to the best workplace teams.

The challenge is supported by East Sussex County Council with funding from the Department for Transport’s Access Fund.

Click on this link for more information Register for the Active Travel Challenge

Big boost for CSH nominated charity!


There’s no denying that  COVID-19 has seriously curtailed Cycle Seahaven’s activities and that in turn has led to reduced opportunities to support the club’s nominated charity, Seaford’s Down Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group (SDSSNSG).
Tracey Martin, decided something needed to be done and that it was time to substitute two wheels for two wings and a propeller. The idea of a charity skydive had been born. Now Tracey is not scared of danger as anyone who’s seen her fast MTB descents towards five bar gates can testify, but for this she needed a sidekick.
A quick phone call to another club member (who happened to be in a bar at the time) resulted in a commitment to join the venture. All they needed now was sponsorship, good weather and a lot of courage.
However, fate was to intervene. Tracey’s side kick just ‘happened’ to fall off his bike and injure his shoulder. A replacement Lemming was required. Enter the equally terrified Kirstie Forcey, who bravely decided to stand in for the injured rider (who made a miraculous recovery the day after she volunteered).
The two set about getting sponsorship for the charity  from other club members, family and anyone too terrified to say ‘no’.
The jump was set for Sunday, 20 September and despite numerous rain dances, sacrifices to the weather gods and hopes of a global aviation fuel shortage, the conditions were perfect.
Tracey and Kirstie were dragged up to Headcorn Parachute Club by a group of supporters and handed over to the Tandem Instructors. There was no escape.
Having been briefed on the social distancing requirements and landing techniques required to ensure they didn’t plough up the landing area the two boarded the aircraft.
The flight to altitude (12,000 feet or just over 2 miles up) must’ve set their hearts racing. Whilst the spectators on the ground couldn’t see their faces they could still hear the swearing until the pair exited the aircraft.
Even the 120 mile an hour freefall couldn’t muffle the screams until their canopies opened at 5000 feet. Phew!
Now tandem instructor’s can be cruel and with their ears still ringing it was time for revenge. Pulling down a toggle they put the girl’s canopies into violent spins (they would have experienced less G Force in a washing machines spin cycle)  before both made surprisingly graceful landings on the airfield.
They had done it, they looked green,  but they were elated and they hadn’t been sick. The children of Kent had learnt some new swear words and SDSSNSG are (currently)  £1,377:50 better off.
Well done both of you! Those that were there know just how much courage you plucked up to do the Skydive.
It is not too late to add to this total and if you’d like to contribute to the club’s charity please click on this link, contact Tracey or Kirstie or drop a few coins into the Dr Bike collection box. Let’s boost the club’s contributions to our nominated charity!

A New Chair for Cycle Seahaven


Andy (Gus) Lock has been co-opted onto the committee and unanimously voted to the role of temporary Chairperson, under Section 7.C of the club constitution:

7.C. Composition etc
c If an Officer or Committee member retires or resigns from the Committee before the next AGM then the Committee may co-opt a Club member to sit as that Officer or Committee Member with full voting rights, until the next AGM. The post must then be put for election as in rule 6e.

Andy has previously served on the committee for eight years and held the position of founding Chair for three years.

On behalf of the members, the committee welcome Andy back!

A warm welcome too, to Dave Sutton and Sarah Winser who are rejoining the committee as Road and MTB Ride Leader co-ordinators.

Dr Bike is back!

We will be at the Big Park Peacehaven on Saturday 18th July from 10:00am – 12.15pm.
Priority will be given to key workers so please bring your work ID along if you are claiming a priority slot.
We are all volunteer cycle enthusiasts from Cycle Seahaven, your local club, and this is our first post-COVID Lockdown session so please bear with us as we may experience a few teething troubles.
We will be maintaining a strict two metre Social Distance policy, so your bike will have a safety check by our team and you will be asked to wait away from the work area until your bike is fixed.
Papachino’s at the Gateway Cafe is open for Takeaways so why not have a coffee or ice cream whilst you wait.
All donations go to our chosen charity Seaford Downs Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group.
If you need further information please feel free to contact the Dr Bike team via our contacts page on the website or the Dr. Bike webpage, which will also keep you informed of any cancellation updates.

The Resignation of the Chair of Cycle Seahaven



Today, Friday 19th June 2020, Guy Reynolds handed his notice to the Committee and Members of Cycle Seahaven as Chair, stating in an email (to the members): 






Dear Cycle Seahaven Member,

    After serving on the committee as Chairman for four years, I have made the decision to stand down for personal reasons. I am no longer able to commit to the time the position warrants.
    In this current climate, there are masses of opportunities open to the club and I would urge anyone who is able to assist the committee to step forward and offer support.
    I’d like to thank everyone who served with me on the committee for the time they dedicated to it and also our fantastic bunch of ride leaders without whom the club would not be what it is today.
    I hope to be able to ride a little more in future and I look forward to seeing some of you on the trails (I am still not brave enough to ride on the road, but I will work on it).

All the best,


The response from the committee came from the current secretary, Michelle Brett:


Dear Guy,

    On behalf of the membership of Cycle Seahaven and past and present committees, I would like to sincerely thank you for the time and effort you have put into the last four years as Chair of the club. As a club, we would not be where we are now without your vision, tenacity, resilience, and hard work. 
    You have certainly left Cycle Seahaven in a fantastic position for whoever may step into your (humongous) shoes!
    We wish you all the best for the future and hope to see you out on your bike and just enjoying being a member of Cycle Seahaven again soon.

Yours sincerely






I’m sure that we all agree with the comments and wish Guy well.