Jersey Design Competition – vote for your favourite (new poll)

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During the lockdown we ran a competition for our members to design a new jersey for Cycle Seahaven. 

Below are the submitted designs.

You can vote at the following link:

The closing date 18/01/2021 and the winning design will be announced at the AGM in February.


Some members have expressed concerns about the voting process – the system we are using has ‘fingerprint technology’ which ensures each person is only able to vote once. They also look at vote rate, voter location, IP address, browser and many more factors to enable just a single vote. I’m sure you will understand that we are trying to be as inclusive as possible in the voting process, allowing as many of you to vote as easily as possible. 

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

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Design 5

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Design 7

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Many thanks and a Happy New Year to you all.

Cycle Seahaven Lockdown Cycling Suggestions Week 4

Hopefully the last Lockdown  suggestions  for routes to get out on your bikes and enjoy, again they all come from some of the Club’s regular ride leaders.

Remember the revised guidance permits you to exercise outdoors or visit an outdoor public place. Further info look at the COVID guidance the CSH website

Don’t forget to post on the CSH Facebook group any pictures you take during your ride 😊.


Week 4 Beginners Ride North Cuckoo Trail 16 miles B Grade (Terrain)

Click on the link above to view a simple ride of 16 miles that is a great beginner’s ride, safe share with care path that is a disused railway , so manageable gradients.

Ideal for youngsters. This section goes north and uphill from Hailsham to Heathfield, downhill return makes this super fun. There are some road crossing that have pelican controls, a couple of minor ones that don’t. Always popular with walkers and horse riders. Go uphill for as long as you want, free parking in the Hailsham Car Park.

No loo stops during COVID times, cafes and shops in Horam and Heathfield.


Week 4 Road Ride Horam  49 Miles C Grade (Terrain)

Click on the link above to view a favourite ride of Mark Smoker who regularly leads the Road Sportive Group. This one goes out to Lewes and Ringmer and back through Hailsham so lots of possible stops for people who aren’t used to doing 50 miles.

Horam and Hailsham are on the Cuckoo trail route above,  so a great opportunity for a family ride meet up where there are different abilities. Being a Sportive route it will take in faster roads.

Toilets in Lewes and Ringmer, Cafes and shops at Horam and Hailsham


Week 4 MTB Ride Peacehaven Loop 16 Miles B/C Grade (Terrain)

This week’s MTB B/C (Terrain dependant on ground conditions) rid , is a favourite of Roger Lambert, it takes in Poverty Bottom to the masts , descend Itford Hill to Egrets Way, cross the C7 (Take Care). climb the track that will eventually take you into the Big Park, and NCN cycle route 2 / Valley Rd and Elphick Rd back to Newhaven Centre.

Poverty Bottom can be very stick and wet, take care descending Itford Hill, take your bike for a walk if you’re not sure. C7 Road crossing and that’s about it.

Toilets and Refreshments at the YHA, Big Park and Seaford Prom.



Hope you’ve all enjoyed these suggested rides. Stay safe and Happy Cycling.

Sarah Winser and Dave Sutton CSH Ride Leader Coordinators

Cycle Seahaven Lockdown Cycling Suggestions Week 3

This week’s suggestions for routes to get you out on your bikes,  all come from some of the Club’s regular ride leaders. Remember the revised guidance permits you to exercise outdoors or visit an outdoor public place. For further info look at the COVID guidance on the CSH website. Don’t forget to post on the CSH Facebook group any pictures you take during your ride 😊.


Week 3 Beginners Ride Saltdean to Hove (Actually)  (or Vice versa) 12miles A grade (Terrain)

Click on the link above to view a simple ride of 12 miles that uses traffic free share with care routes for most of the distance. Park at the car park by Saltdean Lido, use the Tunnel to cross the A259, do take time to admire the fantastic mural on the seaside tunnel entrance. One small lump by the Marina and a short section of road from the Marina to Peter Pan playground.

Be careful near the seawall, as in winter this can occasionally get a bit slippery but it’s always ok nearer the Cliff. It can be a bit mucky behind the Marina, it may be easier to take your bike for a short walk on that stretch. The path is always busy with walkers and cyclists. Coffee and Loos at Rottindean, Ovingdean and Hove (Actually).


Week 3 Road Ride Beachy Head Eclectic 47 Miles D Grade (Terrain)

Click on the link above to view an eclectic ride created by David Tyler. This route has absolutely everything, from Downland, The Cuckoo Trail, Eastbourne Seafront, and some wonderful heritage coastline.

Once you’ve ascended from Eastbourne to Beachy Head you will ride what in my view is the best road in Sussex whatever you’re riding/driving, the descent from The Beachy Head Pub to Birling Gap is just wonderful. The return to Seaford uses a short stretch of the A259.

There are some steep climbs, especially up to the Beachy Head Road, and a short but steep ascent through East Dean makes this route well worthy of its D Terrain Grade. Coffee and Loo’s at Chilleys Farm Cafe, Eastbourne Seafront & Cuckmere Haven (Loo)


Week 3- MTB Ride Newhaven to Ovingdean C Grade (Terrain)

Click on the link above to view a superb 28 mile with 2350 ft of ascent ride from Paul Sandles

The gradients are all sensible, however several of the climbs are drawn-out. The route starts / finishes at McDonalds Roundabout at Newhaven and takes in the undulating Cliff Top to Rottingdean before heading for Ovingdean and on to Woodingdean. A nice loop down to Baze Hill & back up to Woodingdean before heading homeward via SDW then dropping down to Harvey’s Cross / Telscombe Tye. Returning via the Cliff Top / Highway and dropping down through August Fields / Valley Road & back to the start / Finish point.

Given the recent rain there’s a number of large puddles out there and beware of the green chalk. One area where caution is need is tree lined track at the bottom of the Standean descent as there are a number of large badger holes running down the centre of the track, big enough to swallow your front wheel. These aren’t fully visible due to the long grass.

Cycle Seahaven Lockdown Cycling Suggestions Week 2

During the current Lockdown, we are posting some weekly suggestions for you to get out on your bikes and enjoy. So here are Week 2’s suggested rides.

Remember the  revised guidance permits you to exercise outdoors or visit an outdoor public place – with the people you live with, with your support bubble or, when on your own, with one person from another household. So, if you’re on your own pick up the phone to one of your regular group members, or just post on the CSH Facebook group, we’re pretty sure you will find a ride buddy. Don’t forget to share any pictures you take during your ride 😊.


Week 2 Beginners Ride OVET (Bunny Run) and Road to Nowhere 6 miles A grade (Terrain)

Click on this link to get a route suggested by  Jamie Simmons, it is an ideal ride  for those that have inexperienced, nervous  or young riders in your group. This route  is flat, has safe crossing at any road junctions, and most importantly no road sections. 


Week 2 Road Ride Muddles Green Community Shop 28 Miles 0o 14 miles  B Grade (Terrain).

Click on the link above to view a ride that is an easy going route with no major hills. This ride has been suggested  by Clive Aberdour and is another favourite of the Tourers. This is a 28 mile route starting and finishing at Exceat with a possible café stop at Muddles Green. However, this is open for a takeaway coffee and snack, with seating adjacent, availability of the shop’s toilet is unknown.

There is an option is to do a shorter route by starting and finishing at the lay-by on Station Rd opposite Arlington Reservoir

The pink line on the map shows the outward leg of the route and the brown, the return leg.


Week 2 MTB Ride Firle Beacon Coach Road and Alfriston C Grade (Terrain)

Click on the link above to view a superb 20 mile with 1500 ft of ascent ride from Team Winser. The gradients are all sensible, the route takes in  the South Downs Way, Old Coach Road, Alfriston Lullington Heath and Friston Forest and The Sheep Field. 

Usual hazards, tree roots and green chalk can be slippery if it’s wet. Short stretch along the A259, but footpath available to take your bike for a walk if it’s “carmageddon” at Exceat Bridge. Toilets and Refreshments at Seaford Prom and Alfristion.

Cycle Seahaven Lockdown Cycling Suggestions Week 1

During the current “Lockdown”, we are hoping to post some weekly suggestions for you to get out on your bikes. The revised guidance permits you to exercise outdoors or visit an outdoor public place – with the people you live with, with your support bubble or, when on your own, with one person from another household.

Each week there will be a beginner’s ride, that should be ideal for families as it will be mainly on traffic free routes, but it might involve getting to a suitable start point by car.

We will be also posting a suggested ride that is a bit more challenging, these will be relatively simple to ride and navigate in dry conditions, but may be harder if the weather is inclement. These routes will be either B or C grade (Terrain) as the speed you cycle them will be up to you. Don’t forget to post on the CSH Facebook group any pictures you take during your ride  .


Week 1 Beginners Ride West Beach Martello (or Vice versa) 10 miles A grade (Terrain)

Click on the link above to view a simple ride of 10 miles that uses traffic free share with care routes for the majority of the distance. There is a small amount of road from the Newhaven Quay to the to the Harbour Entrance, but this is a dead end so shouldn’t have too much traffic. Obviously, the “road to nowhere” is still traffic free at time of writing.

Hazard wise it’s fairly simple, watch out for turning traffic by B & Q, Lidls and Railway Road in Newhaven. If you decide to cycle round the car park at Newhaven West Beach, mind out for the joints and cracks in the concrete.

There are toilets at Seaford Martello and Fort Road Park in Newhaven. Hopefully coffee will be available at the takeaway outlets at each end of the route.


Week 1 Road Ride Arlington Res Loop 30 Miles C Grade (Terrain) or 10 Miles B Grade (Terrain)

Click on the link above to view our first suggested road ride. A favourite ride with the Tourers, start and finish at Exceat Car Park, or use the road or “sheep field” to extend the distance and ride from home. Outbound there is Chapel Hill that gives this the route the C grade, but you can route via Drusillas to avoid this and make it a B grade.

This is also a fantastic beginners 10 mile road ride if you do the middle section from Arlington Res, if you’re lucky there is free parking in the adjacent lay by.


Week 1 MTB Ride The Masts Loop 10 Miles B Grade (Terrain)

Click on the link above to view a simple ride of 10 miles, taking in some superb views from the Southdowns way to both the Weald and Coast. The route derives it’s name from the Beddingham Transmission Masts. Toilets at Seaford Martello, and Seaford Buckle. Coffee from takeaway outlets on Seaford prom.

Terrain wise it’s quite straight forward, but watch out in the gulley near Poverty Bottom for the tree routes and “Green chalk” that can be slippery this time of year. The route starts at the junction of Firle Road and the Concrete Road TQ and ends at the junction of Bishopstone Road and the A259


Today’s junior riders Poppy and Daisy braved the weather alongside their parents and managed to visit  (virtually) two of our most haunted placed in East Sussex.

Their first was the village of Alfriston which has its fair share of spooky goings on.

Locals have reported seeing fairies in the gardens, a ghostly lady on the staircase at the Smugglers Inn, and the appearance of four white oxen on the village green, tails touching forming an x, led to St Andrew’s church being built in that shape.

At Deans Place Hotel, a woman dressed in blue has been spotted on the landing. She is believed to have been murdered at the site. Whilst others claim to have seen a phantom dog in the car park.

The most well known ghostly tale is that of the Chowne family who owned Burnt House (next to Deans Place). In the early 1800s, the road between the properties was widened and a skeleton was found. It was thought to belong to the missing Chowne heir who had been murdered along with his white dog. The ghost of a dog has been spotted sitting next to the shallow grave.


Their next virtual destination took them to The Shelley’s in Lewes where it is believed to be haunted by poltergeists

The 16th century building was once owned by Henry Shelley, a relation of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (hence the name)

It was used as a military hospital for officers during the First World War, although the military apparitions seen at the hotel date back a little further.

One man was reputed to have seen the ghost of a cavalier from the Civil War on the staircase.

In 1978 there were reports of poltergeist activity which started when a QC said his bed levitated three inches during the night. Other activity included chairs moving and clothes hangers and ashtrays being thrown around.

A great effort today by our young riders today clocking up a total of 33.5 miles

We hope to see more of you out riding this week so we find out about more haunted places in our area.

Don’t forget to register so we can add your miles and invite you to the Halloween Hot Dog Night on Friday

Whose up for a challenge?

Andy (Gus) Lock and Guy Reynolds have created a little challenge that they hope might inspire you to get out and ride. It is open to members and non-members. There are two categories, MTB or Road. There are 10 locations in each category.
To participate you need to ride to each of these locations and take a photograph of your bike at that position. Each location has a prominent and hopefully obvious feature to use as a backdrop for the photograph (see example pictures).
To make things a little more challenging you are only provided with an 8 figure grid reference. Feel free to use a map, Google or any other method of your choosing to identify the feature.
A bottle of wine (or equivalent) will be awarded for:
The first person to provide photographs of all 10 locations, depicting the same bike, in either category wins.
There is an additional prize for the most original/unique photograph in each category.
To submit your photographs please email them to Guy Reynolds using his Ride Leaders email address found here.
1 TQ 31365 03837 TQ 30443 11045
2 TQ 45595 09363 TQ 30367 13368
3 TQ 64642 10400 TV 56352 95523
4 TV 56352 95523 TQ 38547 05237
5 TQ 55839 09375 TQ 45697 05960
6 TQ 4565 1286 TV 5889 9815
7 TQ 3307 0519 TV 5536 9697
8 TQ 33660961 TQ 54210324
9 TQ 8272 0952 TQ 3867 0754
10 TQ 6864 0608 TQ 3658 0254

If you decide to take up the challenge why not reach out to others (members and non-members) to see if they want to join you? It is likely that there are lots of enthusiastic new riders out there, looking for tips and direction; so why not try and channel that energy into the club.
Enjoy the Ride!
Andy (Gus) Lock and Guy Reynolds

Halloween Haunted Cycle Challenge – open to all junior members


HAlloween skeleton on a bike.Half term has arrived and it’s time to get on your bikes and get riding.

Starting Saturday 24th October Cycle Seahaven would like all our young riders (all members under 18) to get on their bikes and clock up some much needed miles for this virtual Halloween Challenge.

East Sussex hosts 11 of the most haunted places in the UK and we are planning to cycle (virtually) to as many of them as we can.

To cover all 11 we would need to cycle a total of 700 miles in just one week and that is why we need you ALL on board for this fun adventure.

The idea is that you get on your bike with your family and friends (where Covid restrictions permit) and get cycling.  It doesn’t matter if you do 1 mile or 20 miles because every single mile covered by you and your family will count.

We need you to be out riding as much as you can during the half term week and making sure you know how many miles you have covered on each ride.  Oh and don’t forget to take and send us your photos for each ride.  At the end of each day you just need to message us with the miles covered by you and whomever braved the weather to ride with you.  We will add everyone’s miles together and see how far we have travelled.

Each night we will calculate the distance covered and post on Facebook and the website blog where we have reached and give you a short story on why our destination for the day is so haunted.

The challenge will run until Saturday 31st October when we will post our final blog BUT on Friday 30th October we are planning something super Halloweeny.

All young members who take part will be able to visit a very local and haunted place.  We will be able to enjoy a hotdog, toast some marshmallows and share some spooky ghost stories.  You will of course have to dress up in your best Halloween costume for this but it will be worth it.

If you would like to take part then please do get in touch with either Donna Turner or Joanne Barlow to register and save your space for the Friday Night Fun.