Wanderlust Wednesday is back!

Kirstie’s Wanderlust Wednesdays are back.

These rides are aimed at anyone that wants an introduction to MTB and local cycle routes. For all levels of riding and ability. Great for confidence building and social. We ride at the pace of the slowest rider and nobody gets left behind.
The plan is to start of with smaller loops and build up over a few weeks to allow riders to develop and transition through to the higher graded rides within the club.
Check the club calendar for updates on the route and starting place/time. The routes may change on the evening depending on the ability of riders that turn up.
We will be riding for approximately 1.5 hours using cycle paths and bridle ways.
Suitable for hybrid and MTB bikes.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the route, your bike and your ability.
Please be sure to bring suitable tools for your bike (puncture repair etc.) water, a snack and front and rear lights.
Helmets are required on all club rides.
Ride leaders can be contacted via the contacts page on the CSH website or DM me.
Look forward to seeing you, Kirstie Forcey.

Ladies Ride, Saturday 10 April

When:           Sat, 10 April, 09:00 – 13:00
Where:          Edinburgh Road (bottom) ice-cream van (map)
( This may involve cake / brunch / ice-cream or all three ! )
START TIME: 9amLadies come join us.
Riding at a gentle pace set by the slowest rider and supporting each other.

We will be sharing our route with walkers, dogs and fellow cyclists.

Due to covid restrictions our ride may be split into groups.
Riders MUST book a place –   please contact your Ride Leaders via the ride leaders page.

We will leave Seaford and head to Newhaven on the cycle path.
Joining the Road To Nowhere we will ride to McDonalds and make our way under the bridge to Elphick Road. Cycling along the river bank to Piddinghoe. Short ride on the C7 to Deans Farm  cycling to the top!  Along Downs Road towards Big Park.
Depending on the weather, We will decide on the day our return route to back to Seaford.

This route is suitable for MTB, Hybrids with knobbly tyres, E-bikes.

If you have a road bike please contact your Ride Leader so we can organise an alternative route.
Terain – Mud, Grass, concrete, gravel, tarmac.

Social distancing must be adhered to.

Riders MUST book a place.

Kate Carver
Sarah Winser
Donna Turner- Assisting


Ride leaders can be contacted through the ride leader page http://cycleseahaven.org.uk/contactrl








Stop Press Ride Guidance Updated to Groups of 15

Tourers at Isfield Station

Today (24th March  2021) Cycle Seahaven (CSH) Committee have updated our Coronavirus Ride Guidance in line with UK Government advice and updated guidance from Cycling UK for affiliated groups like CSH.


From the 29th March 2021, subject to the Ride Leader(s) feeling comfortable with a larger group, rides can now go ahead with up to a maximum of 15 riders in each group.


We are able to increase the group size, as Sport England has published guidance confirming that group cycle rides are included in the organised sport and activity exemption from the “Rule of 6”.


Cycling UK has stated that 15 riders is an absolute maximum for group rides. For some rides, usually where the 15 limit is likely to be exceeded, or where the ride leader wants to know who’s coming, you may still need to contact the ride leader(s) to book a place. This will be clearly stated in the first line of the Ride description with the words ***you will need to book a place on this ride*** .


This guidance is in addition to our usual ride requirements.


In summary, from the 29th March 2021. CSH Group rides can restart, groups will be limited to a maximum of 15 riders, but multiple groups are permitted.


When at a refreshment stop, it will be responsibility of all riders to comply with the “Rule of 6” this will be until 17th May 2021 at the earliest.


Please check the calendar to see if you need to book a place.




  1. Do not come on a ride if you feel in any way unwell.


  1. Groups must not exceed 15 riders in total. Multiple Groups are permitted, providing groups do not come into contact with each other on the road or trail.


  1. Groups will need to maintain a “clear gap” at any assembly points as well as during the ride. Ride Leaders may consider staggered start times, or perhaps different start locations.


  1. It is not the role of the ride leader to enforce social distancing, this is a duty inherent on everyone. So please respect the 2-metre social distance and rule of 6 at refreshment stops.


  1. Ride Leaders should post their rides on the calendar in the usual manner.


  1. Bring all you need for the ride COVID wise, including a face covering, hand sanitizer etc, as well as anything you need to get home in the event of a mechanical.




See the CSH Group Rides Risk Assessment here

Rides Restarting Soon

It’s worth keeping an eye on the Rides Calendar as rides are now starting to appear on it. The first ride will be an MTB ride entitled Harvey and Molly on Monday 29 March. This is followed by some Touring and Easy Touring rides on Tuesday and Thursday of that week.

The Rule of Six will still apply as will the Covid Ride Guidance

Please be aware that all this could change if the Government decides to delay the easing of restrictions due on 29 March.

Message posted on behalf of the ride leaders.

Dust off Your Bike We’re Back!

Cycle Seahaven Committee have just held a specially convened meeting to discuss getting some outdoor Club activities restarted after the long Lockdown lay-off.  The Committee are pleased to announce that it’s time to get ready for a return to group rides and Dr Bike.

As England moves into Step 1 of the easing of Covid restrictions, it is anticipated that from the 29th of March 2021, group rides can at last restart. We are waiting on guidance from our insurers (Cycling UK) to clarify exactly what is allowed, but the Committee anticipate that a “Rule of Six” groups will be permitted. The COVID Ride Guidance has been updated and will be placed on the CSH website as soon as this post is published on the blog.

There will be a Zoom meeting for ride leaders on 11th March at 19:00 to discuss any issues you may have about returning to leading rides. Details on the Rides Calendar.

As non-essential retail reopens on 12th April Dr Bike will return on 17th April at Centenary (Big) Park Peacehaven. To comply with our Rule of Six Method Statement, the initial Dr Bike surgeries will be with four workstations. Dr Bike Lead, Lee Turner, will be in touch nearer the date.


Happy Cycling

CSH Committee

March Cycling Challenge

With the sun shining and the days just that bit warmer we felt it was the perfect time to set a new club challenge.

Land’s End to John O’Groats is 874 miles by road and we are asking you to cycle it during the month of March.  Don’t panic you don’t have to do it on your own!

You can cycle it alone if you want or you can team up (virtually) with some friends from the club to accumulate the miles you all cycle. (Adhering at all times to the strict government guidelines on Covid).

Going it alone will be tough but I know a few of our members will be up for the challenge.

For those like me who just want to be inspired to get back out riding then ask a few of your friends from the club to join your team and share the miles.

Forming a virtual team of 4 would reduce your miles to 218.5 whilst forming a virtual team of 6 would reduce your miles again to just 146 miles in the month.

The challenge is open to all members including our junior members so why not give it a go.

As this is a challenge why not look to get some sponsorship and support the Club’s chosen charity ‘Seaford Down’s Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group’.  Sponsorship.  All sponsorship money will be collected at the end of March and added to the club’s fundraising for this wonderful charity.

Our March challenge will hopefully encourage you to get back out on your bikes and get yourselves fit again ready for when we can start adding club rides to the calendar.

To take part all you need to do is:

  • Choose your team and give yourselves a name
  • Choose a lead for your team – They will be responsible for recording your miles during the month and then submitting them at the end of each week
  • Ask your friends and family to sponsor you (remember every £ helps)
  • And finally Get on your bike and go for a ride

If you would like any further information about this challenge then please leave a comment below.

Jo Barlow

Chair: Cycle Seahaven

AGM: Quick way to Request Attendance

If you haven’t done so already, you need to pre-register to attend the AGM.

The quick way of requesting attendance is to go to the Rides Calendar on our website. You’ll see the Cycle Seahaven AGM for Monday 15 February with some brief details. Click on the link for secretary to send an email to register your intent.

Hope you can make it.


Dave & Jo’s Ride With GPS Adventure

With the usual off-road trails frankly horrible at the moment what better time is there to explore some of the quieter roads just north of the Downs.

Now we can all look at a map and sort out a little spin but there is always the chance that the lanes we pick won’t be as good as we think, or we will miss some of the small byways that make a trip memorable.

Time to call on the Club’s ‘Ride with GPS’ program.  There are dozens of routes already on the system and following a recommendation from Dave Sutton to give “Gravel Byways” a go we set about downloading the App and getting going.

To most this is a walk in the park, but for “technophobes” like us, the thought was not one we relished!

But you will be very pleased to hear that by following the instructions in the Winter Newsletter it was actually a piece of cake, and honestly if we think that then it really is easy!

The system is fantastic. Get to your start location, press go and stick your phone in a pocket close to your ear and follow the instruction, simple. Just like your car Sat Nav it warns of turnings in advance, then at the turning. If you happen to miss the turn, like we did a couple of times, it beeps at you annoyingly until you stop and check the onscreen map and realise the error of your ways. It even gives you a little fanfare when you are back on track!

The route was brilliant as we were guided around lanes centred on Arlington, most of which we had ridden on before, but it also took us along several off-road byways that we didn’t know were even there! Absolutely brilliant.

And the best bit: it gives you a big Fanfare when you get the end!! 😊

I would highly recommend having a look at the system. Its brilliant and in these times when we can’t ride together following one of our great ride leaders, I can’t think of a better way of exploring new routes.

Happy cycling,

Jo & Dave Barlow

AGM: 15 February 2021

Our AGM will be on Monday 15 February, starting at 7.00pm. The arrangements are explained in the Chair’s letter. Please click on the following links:

Various reports have been issue for the AGM which you can read by clicking on the following links:

Hope to see you there.