A New Chair for Cycle Seahaven


Andy (Gus) Lock has been co-opted onto the committee and unanimously voted to the role of temporary Chairperson, under Section 7.C of the club constitution:

7.C. Composition etc
c If an Officer or Committee member retires or resigns from the Committee before the next AGM then the Committee may co-opt a Club member to sit as that Officer or Committee Member with full voting rights, until the next AGM. The post must then be put for election as in rule 6e.

Andy has previously served on the committee for eight years and held the position of founding Chair for three years.

On behalf of the members, the committee welcome Andy back!

A warm welcome too, to Dave Sutton and Sarah Winser who are rejoining the committee as Road and MTB Ride Leader co-ordinators.

Dr Bike is back!

We will be at the Big Park Peacehaven on Saturday 18th July from 10:00am – 12.15pm.
Priority will be given to key workers so please bring your work ID along if you are claiming a priority slot.
We are all volunteer cycle enthusiasts from Cycle Seahaven, your local club, and this is our first post-COVID Lockdown session so please bear with us as we may experience a few teething troubles.
We will be maintaining a strict two metre Social Distance policy, so your bike will have a safety check by our team and you will be asked to wait away from the work area until your bike is fixed.
Papachino’s at the Gateway Cafe is open for Takeaways so why not have a coffee or ice cream whilst you wait.
All donations go to our chosen charity Seaford Downs Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group.
If you need further information please feel free to contact the Dr Bike team via our contacts page on the website or the Dr. Bike webpage, which will also keep you informed of any cancellation updates.

The Resignation of the Chair of Cycle Seahaven



Today, Friday 19th June 2020, Guy Reynolds handed his notice to the Committee and Members of Cycle Seahaven as Chair, stating in an email (to the members): 






Dear Cycle Seahaven Member,

    After serving on the committee as Chairman for four years, I have made the decision to stand down for personal reasons. I am no longer able to commit to the time the position warrants.
    In this current climate, there are masses of opportunities open to the club and I would urge anyone who is able to assist the committee to step forward and offer support.
    I’d like to thank everyone who served with me on the committee for the time they dedicated to it and also our fantastic bunch of ride leaders without whom the club would not be what it is today.
    I hope to be able to ride a little more in future and I look forward to seeing some of you on the trails (I am still not brave enough to ride on the road, but I will work on it).

All the best,


The response from the committee came from the current secretary, Michelle Brett:


Dear Guy,

    On behalf of the membership of Cycle Seahaven and past and present committees, I would like to sincerely thank you for the time and effort you have put into the last four years as Chair of the club. As a club, we would not be where we are now without your vision, tenacity, resilience, and hard work. 
    You have certainly left Cycle Seahaven in a fantastic position for whoever may step into your (humongous) shoes!
    We wish you all the best for the future and hope to see you out on your bike and just enjoying being a member of Cycle Seahaven again soon.

Yours sincerely






I’m sure that we all agree with the comments and wish Guy well.




The road to nowhere is going somewhere!

Ride Leader Andy (Gus) Lock has provided the following information:

The path between Halfords, Newhaven and the bird screen on the Ouse Estuary Trail (aka: road to nowhere) has been re-routed onto a new tarmac shared path. From the Halfords end, cyclists and pedestrians keep to the right of the road to pick up the newly surfaced shared path.  Coming from the Seaford end you keep left and stay on the tarmac surfaced path, rather than cut across the grass. 

Keep right on the shared path…

The road to nowhere from Halfords, Newhaven

The road to nowhere from Halfords, Newhaven – keep right!


Carry on the surfaced path…

Road to nowhere from Seaford

Road to nowhere from Seaford – keep on the surfaced path!


Thanks Gus!


Featured image: Photo by Paul Chessare from FreeImages

Sustrans and East Sussex Cycle Training to provide free bicycle loans to key woprkers in East Sussex

A new initiative from Sustrans in partnership with East Sussex County Council (ESCC), will provide free loan bicycles to key workers in the East Sussex region.

Over 60 bicycles will be offered on a free loan basis for three months, with potential to renew after the initial period. The bicycles are available for loan from the ESCC Peacehaven Cycle Hub and Eastbourne Cycle Centre. The loan includes a new helmet and lock for each user.  [continued below]



With the government asking the public to avoid public transport where possible during the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, this scheme offers keyworkers an active and sustainable alternative to travelling by car.

Sustrans said:

We are all so impressed with the dedication and hard work of all key workers during this crisis. We wanted to offer something in return. We have a good fleet of bikes, which are not being used due to the lockdown. So we are delighted to offer these bikes on loan to any key worker who would like a safe and healthy way of getting to and from work

ESCC said:

This is an ideal opportunity for us to give something back to these extremely hard working key workers that we are all so proud off.  If we can make their journeys to work easier and safer then I am proud to be part of this project.

Helen Kellar, Sustrans Delivery Coordinator said:

With recent government advice encouraging workers to avoid public transport and to cycle and walk whenever possible and local councils rapidly installing new cycle lanes, we are at an exciting cross roads and have a once in a generation opportunity to deliver a lasting transformative change in how we make short journeys in our towns and cities.”

The project is part of East Sussex County Council’s Active Access for Growth, which aims to encourage behavioural change by promoting active travel to local schools and workplaces.

The free bike loan scheme will launch on 15th June 2020.  To register interest and for more information contact Jamie Lloyd jamie.lloyd@sustrans.org.uk

Follow us:

Twitter: @PeacehavenHub

Web: http://bigparksproject.org.uk/peacehaven-cycle-hub/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ActiveTravelES/

The Pan American Highway challenge -Week One Challenge Update

The Pan American Highway challenge has seen lots of club members out riding and adding their miles together.

This week we have had 54 members riding 2,728 miles in just one week !!!

We started our challenge in a town called Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska from here we have cycled through some great sounding places. Here’s just a few Coldfoot, Livengood, Moose Creek (top picture), Dot Lake, Beaver Creek, Whitehorse (centre picture), Chickens Neck Mountain Ecological Reserve, and are now finishing the week in Vancouver (bottom picture).   Go on get the map out and take a look.



There is still plenty of time to join us on this fun virtual challenge so join the Strava group or email/message us your daily miles and we can add you in. Open to all club members and their families. If you are on turbo trainers your miles still count

Here are a few pics from this week’s adventures. Come on join the challenge and help us reach Ushuaia in Argentina

Jo and Dave Barlow






New Virtual Cycling Challenge

Who is ready for another virtual cycling challenge?

We have received a number of requests and suggestions for our next challenge and we have finally made a decision.

This suggestion came from David Sutton and it’s a big one so we have decided to start the challenge on Monday June 1st and run it for the whole of June.

The Pan American Highway is known as the longest road in the world as it connects two continents  and is a mere 19,000 miles long !!!!

The challenge is open to all club members and their families. All miles cycled (including indoor cycling) will be recorded either by joining the strava club (Pan America) or by messaging Jo or Dave Barlow with your miles and we can add them manually.

All photos of your cycling challenge can be sent to me also so we can use in updates and on website blog.

Have fun, enjoy your cycling and let’s work together and smash this challenge. 

Jo and Dave Barlow.‍ 

  🚴    ‍🚴🚴


Cycling UK Bike Week – 6th to 14th June 2020

Cycling UK realise in these uncertain times helping people to come together to ride may not be possible, so they’re holding a series of fun Bike Week events online this June

Cycling remains a great way to keep fit and active and is a good way to boost immunity, it’s also great for your mental well-being. 

Make cycling your daily exercise during Bike Week 2020. Can you get on your bike for seven days in a row between 6-14 June, riding by yourself, or with other members of your household? You don’t have to complete all seven days – just as many as you can. There could be a prize in it for you too!


Give #7DaysofCycling a try

There are no rules on what counts as one of your entries – all you need to do is go cycling or take part in a cycling-related activity and share a photo, video or story about your experience on Instagram or Twitter, using #7DaysofCycling.



Scavenger Hunt

It’s been great to see so many members taking to their saddles over recent weeks and how many of you embraced the Barlow’s FB virtual ride challenge. As the rules on social distancing continue, the CSH committee invite you as individuals or families to take part in our scavenger hunt whilst complying with current government guidance.

From today keen-eyed members will find the familiar Cycle Seahaven logo on posters placed on popular cycle routes between Seaford and Peacehaven. Each of these 20 posters has a unique symbol and a number. When you find a poster, make a note of the number against the corresponding symbol (all symbols are listed below).

All correct entries will be entered into a raffle to win a Mr Cycles gift voucher. To be entered into the prize draw you must find a minimum of 12 answers. However, any members who get all 20 correct will get a special ‘Hall of Fame’ mention when we announce the winner. Only one entry form per membership number will be accepted.

Please fill out the entry form by 9am on 17/06/20.

Have fun and stay safe.