Dr Bike is back!

We will be at the Big Park Peacehaven on Saturday 18th July from 10:00am – 12.15pm.
Priority will be given to key workers so please bring your work ID along if you are claiming a priority slot.
We are all volunteer cycle enthusiasts from Cycle Seahaven, your local club, and this is our first post-COVID Lockdown session so please bear with us as we may experience a few teething troubles.
We will be maintaining a strict two metre Social Distance policy, so your bike will have a safety check by our team and you will be asked to wait away from the work area until your bike is fixed.
Papachino’s at the Gateway Cafe is open for Takeaways so why not have a coffee or ice cream whilst you wait.
All donations go to our chosen charity Seaford Downs Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group.
If you need further information please feel free to contact the Dr Bike team via our contacts page on the website or the Dr. Bike webpage, which will also keep you informed of any cancellation updates.

Dr Bike in Seaford. Saturday 7th March 2020


Dr Bike – free bike checks and advice – meet your local cycle club – Seaford Town (Police Station) – Saturday 7th March – 10:00 – 12:00 – www.cycleseahaven.org.uk/drb

Dr Bike Presents…

Bike Maintenance Sessions

The Dr Bike team have been giving some thought to the proposed Bike Maintenance Sessions and have decided on a series of sessions that will follow each of the Peacehaven Dr Bike sessions from June until September.

This creates four sessions and we propose each will be for one hour, commencing at 12:30, allowing a little time to tidy up after the Dr Bike session closes. The following series of maintenance subjects is the current proposal but we are also open to cover particular subjects on request, time permitting;

Saturday 15 June 2019:
General Safety and our standard 20 point checklist.

Saturday 20 July 2019:
Tyres, tubes and punctures.

Saturday 17 August 2019:
Brake maintenance and adjustment.

Saturday 21 September 2019:
Chains, cassettes, detailers and shifters.

Saturday 19 October 2019:
Spare session if required – Subject to be confirmed.

Currently, this leaves Saturday 19 October 2019 as a spare day and a session could be introduced once we know the subject our attendees would like to cover. Beyond that, the Dr bike sessions will come to a close but if we can locate a suitable venue to continue with more sessions we could maybe extend into the Autumn and Winter months. All subject to demand and interest. We can of course re-visit any of the proposed topics in later sessions.

We propose making use of the Dr Bike sessions in Peacehaven as this will give us access to the storage container, the full range of tools and even some club bikes if we need example bikes for the session.

The main focus for these sessions is to help members gain the confidence required to carry out simple maintenance and safety checks on our own bikes. Confident and experienced CSH members, and the Dr Bike team, will be on hand to run the sessions and offer support and guidance to any members attending.

This is a great opportunity to meet some of your fellow club members and riders and become more confident with the simple, day to day maintenance tasks that keep your bike running sweet and ultimately ensure trouble free and enjoyable cycling.

So let us know if you plan on attending any of the sessions (click here) so we can gauge the anticipated numbers. We look forward to seeing you there.

Diary Dates: Dr Bike, 2019

Dr Bike Surgeries 2019
Month 1st Saturday of the Month Seaford Police Station 3rd Saturday of the Month Peacehaven Big Park
March 2nd March 2019 16th March 2019
April 6th April 2019 20th April 2019
May 4th May 2019 18th May 2019
June 1st June 2019 15th June 2019
July 6th July 2019 20th July 2019
August 3rd August 2019 17th August 2019
September 7th September 2019 21st September 2019
October 5th October 2019 19th October 2019

Discount on Cyclon Bike Care

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The discount code will run from 12th September 2018 thru to 31 December 2018.

CYCLON – Keep Your Bike Smiling!

Cyclon Bike Care was founded in 1985 and after 30 years has become the most complete, cleaning, high-quality lubricant and maintenance product line for the bicycle market in Europe. Now distributing directly to the UK, cyclists can get the ultimate in bike care products.


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Dr Bike is Back! JUST!

The final two Dr Bike Surgeries run by Cycle Seahaven will be at Seaford on Saturday 6th and Peacehaven on Saturday 20th October.

Ethos:- Bikes out of sheds and back into safe use

What we are:- 

‘Dr Bike’ is a group of cycle enthusiasts from Cycle Seahaven who want to help local people to use their bikes more. If you are not pedalling because of dodgy brakes, stiff gears, rattles, creaks or soft tyres, then bring your poorly cycle to the Cycle Seahaven Dr Bike surgery.

We are all passionate cyclists, some even have maintenance qualifications, but we will give your bike a safety check and try our hardest to get your cycle fixed, so you get back in the saddle!

What we are not :-

We do not offer a fully equipped bike repair shop – The area is fortunate to have two of these already – but we do have the skills, tools & enthusiasm to carry out basic repairs & maintenance.

Cycle Seahaven Dr Bike Activities 2018  from March to October

Seaford Council Offices / Police Station Forecourt first Saturday of the month from 10:00 – 12:15

Big Park Peacehaven third Saturday of the month from 10:00 – 12:15

Any queries or offers of help to Dr Bike via our Contact page

Dr Bike really made an impact

We arrived to set up for 10 am but already had a queue forming by 9.30…! Four ‘bike medics’ set to work and were kept busy until close of business at 12 noon – or more like 12.30 by the time we finished our last safety check and handed back the 20th bike we’d worked on that morning with freshly pumped up tyres.

In many ways Saturday perfectly represents the Dr Bike thinking – we worked on bikes that were otherwise resting (rusting?) un-used in sheds or even in the garden. We don’t do major work but we do want to help present and future cyclists get, or keep, their bikes working.

For more serious mechanical ‘challenges’ we normally advise riders to check out their local bike shop. And if you enter the shop with a better idea of the work needed, because of conversations with Dr Bike, then that’s good too.

And, for example, one of our younger ‘customers’, and his Dad, took a very real interest in the work we were doing and got involved…the more you learn about how a bike works the better and easier cycling becomes!

What seemed to work especially well was the teamwork. The session was fronted by a CS committee member who kept people informed, and amused, as they waited for a ‘medic’ to be available or just ran the stall and chatted ‘cycling.’ Other committee members and ride leaders popped in to help out with clearing up and one – you know who you are – supplied much needed cake!

This typifies the CS approach to all things cycling, which normally involves a lot of smiles, food(!) and a fair bit of banter. We take very seriously the issue of cycling safety and a well maintained bike is a good thing in its own right – the fun comes from doing something we all enjoy.

See you on Saturday 6th May….

Dr Bike

Promising Start for Dr Bike

A surprisingly warm Saturday morning - March 4th - saw the inaugural session of the new series of Cycle Seahaven's free, Dr Bike workshops in Seaford.

This was something of a trial run. It generated lots of interest in bike maintenance, in Cycle Seahaven and attracted a new club member, plus numerous expressions of interest in our next session. We safety checked and/or worked on 4 bikes and advised on the work likely to be needed for other riders who had not brought their bikes with them.

If you are not using your bike because of dodgy brakes, badly adjusted gears, rattles, creaks or soft tyres, then bring your poorly cycle to the Cycle Seahaven Dr Bike surgery for a check up!

We’re at the Seaford Council Offices / Police Station car park on the 1st Saturday of the month, between 10.00 and 12:00.  Dates for 2017 are :  6th May, 3rd June, 1st July, 5th August,  2nd September.

We do not offer a fully equipped bike repair shop - Seaford is fortunate to have one of these already - but we do have the skills, tools & enthusiasm to carry out a full safety check, basic repairs & maintenance. And our aim is to help you do this for yourself!

We are insured and some of us even have cycle maintenance qualifications! But we are all passionate peddlers who will try our hardest to get your cycle fixed and you back in the saddle!

Our venue, is generously provided to us for free by Sussex Police and Seaford Town Council. Therefore, we charge trade prices for the parts we supply (restricted to cables) and leave customers free to make a donation for our labour that will go to our designated charity: the Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Trust during 2017  https://www.kssairambulance.org.uk/

All the ‘doctors’ are volunteers and so our numbers vary, but we will usually have 3 or 4 on duty.  We don’t use appointments so it’s a first come, first served system. If we won’t have time to fix it that day, then we will ask you to bring it to the next surgery.

Quick tip #2

Wrap duct tape around the body of your bicycle pump and you always have a ready supply to repair torn pockets/clothing, frayed cables, or anything else that breaks or comes loose on a ride. It will even temporarily repair slashed/split tyres and fix a puncture if you keep the pressure low.

Duct tape wrapped around the handle of a pump


Got a tip you want to share? Let us know from our CONTACT page.

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