Touring Road Ride to the Pevensey Levels – 30 June 2013

Ten cyclists met at the Martello Tower at 8.30 am to commence a road ride at touring pace (average speed of 11.5 mph) to the Chilley Farm Cafe on the Pevensey Levels. This was mostly a flattish route except for Chapel Hill near Lullington. After a breather at the top we continued through Wilmington to Caneheath and Hailsham. From there we rode along the Cuckoo Trail to Polegate and then country lanes to Rickney and then the cafe at Chilley Farm. We were suprised by the number of cyclists we saw but it was warm and sunny with very little wind so perfect conditions for cycling.

Chilley Farm Cafe made for a perfect refreshment stop for cyclists; it’s on National Cycle Route 2 so no doubt is popular with cyclists.

We took a slightly shorter route for our return journey which meant the round trip was about 35 miles; ideal for a sunday morning bike ride.

Ride Leader: Clive Aberdour

This ride was published as ‘Road (Touring) level C’
Click HERE to to view an online map of the route

Martello Ride 2013 06 30

Regular Forest Ride – 17th May 2013


Eleven of us started out from ‘The Gate‘ and headed along the flat past West Dean pond and along the fire-road of the family trail. After a sharp left turn up a dirt bank we headed up a track known locally as Jamie’s Back Passage. Some riders shot to the top quite quickly while others (me included) took much a gentler pace. We all took a long breather at the end of this relatively short section before heading right, down the fire road past a lonely cottage then back up to join the Family Trail.

There was a bit of discussion on the next course of action, after which we decided to head towards the bomb-crater known as ‘Medusa’, where a few brave souls had an impromptu session riding into the steep drop – over and over again.

Then, after another rest, we ventured out to explore some of our favourite trails at a fairly relaxed pace, despite some of the keener riders attempting to burst heart & lungs by racing ahead. Well, it’s a group ride so they’ll just have to wait for me.

We didn’t split into groups of level 3 and level 4, instead we stayed together and all rode at L3. The group spread out quite a bit during the ride, but we all re-grouped at the end of each section. It was great to all ride together, swapping stories and tall tales of cycling prowess and admiring each other’s bikes. We even had time to pose for a photo.

Conditions in the forest were great, as they have been for a while now. The ground is ideal for tyre grip, and the new leaves on the trees have turned the forest into a veritible jungle in places. I’m so looking forward to the next one this Friday 24th May, also meeting at ‘The Gate‘ at 7pm. See you there?

This ride was advertised on the calendar as a 3c and a 4c, but ended up being 3c for everyone.

50miles and 4 big hills

Sunday looked like rain but with Andy, Ian, Mark and myself on the road it dare not, or that’s what we thought.

Having suggested we do a 50mile ride, we all set off for the hills and reaching Beachy Head in good time against a strong head wind. After that we settled in to a train doing a respectable 19+mph into Pevensey and on to Hailsham with Andy taking the lead up Grove hill for a stop at Horam. This is where Mark Fisher told us the wonders of climbing the Alps and Ian Everett taking it all in ( I’m sure he will love to hear more ).

Unfortunately we missed Roger White but with a report of rain on the way, the direct route home was on the cards. With everybody chasing Ian we soon approached High and Over, wonder who was up first.

FAB ride guys and with 4 big hills with a average of 16mph over 45miles.

Mark Smoker

Published in the calendar as:
Road 4C (30,40 or 50 to Horam), Sunday 19th May 8am
A good pace ride to Horam for tea, the route will depend on who turns up and how many hills you would like to do.

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Sunday Blast Ride Report

The weather was perfect on Sunday morning. The 4 riders were Mat, Simon, Mark & Dave, all experienced road riders. Our pace was pretty fast so after a little pep talk we got ourselves organised into a train and took our turns leading. We stopped for coffee in Bexhill then headed back towards Eastbourne. We had a slight head wind but it didn’t slow us down, in fact our train was working so well we were speeding along at 24mph until we dropped Mark off he back! We slowed it down through Eastbourne then tackled Beachy Head. Mark ‘the mountain goat’ then overtook us and steamed off up the hill. After a fast descent and the East Dean and Exceat climbs, we finished within 4 hours. Probably one of the fastest club rides we have done, ever!

Stats; Distance 52.6 miles, Avg. speed 16.9 mph, riding time 3:05 hrs, time elapsed 3:57 hrs.


This ride was published as a level 4, but turned out to be a level 5!

Our ride levels are for guidance, and the level/grade can go up or down to suit whoever turns up on the day. This time it was definitely up!

Fairway Loop, Newhaven – 3c MTB 90 minutes

Getting there.
The Fairway is off the A259 at the top of the hill between Newhaven and Peacehaven. Post code is BN9 9XX if needed for sat nav. There is free on-road parking on the hill.

Grading and Difficulty.
Ride is about 75 to 90 mins at level 3C. There are two steep climbs. One from the Fairway up to the golf course,and one from Newhaven Marina up to the Fort. The rest of the ride is fairly flat. Part of the route is along the cliff top where it can be quite windy. The route pops out onto the road in two places at the bottom of a gradient. Be careful at these places.

 Start on ‘The Fairway’then head up a rough road into the tress below Peacehaven Golf course. Lots of tree roots to negotiate. A steep descent takes you onto the C7. You will need to watch your speed here so you don’t pop out onto the road.Turn left and ride along the C7 to Piddinghoe.
River bank. Near the church we follow the banks of the Ouse towards Newhaven. At Cantells boatyard head up Elphick road and onto the cycle way. Cross the traffic lights near the swing bridge and follow the West Quay cycle way through Newhaven marina.
Cliffs. Along Fort road and up to the top of the cliffs,taking in a small singletrack climb near the top. Head west along the cliff tops past Newhaven Heights and onto Rushey Hill caravan park.

Return. Ride down throught the eastern end of the caravan park down to The Highway (which is part of NCN2). Dogleg right/left onto Blakeney Ave. This is a descent onto the A259/SouthCoast road,so be careful with the traffic. At the South Coast Road turn right and ride along the left-side of the road. There’s a separated section that is safer for cyclists,but beware of debris that may cause punctures. In 500m you are back at the start.

Stanmer Park ride report Monday 8th August 2011

Stanmer Park Ride report Monday 8th August 2011.

A great turn out for the ride on Monday. 6 riders to start followed by Sparksy who was late and we found later on during the ride.
We met at the T shop and headed up towards the top of stanmer park. From here we hit some sweet singletrack flowing down in to the valley and back up the other side.

Once back together we worked our way along the tree line on the perimeter of the park. Here the singletrack was slow and technical. Jumps, tree pile roll overs and stumps were a plenty. At this point both our Club Chairman and Binny decided it was time to look at stanmer park from a slightly different angle. This appeared to involve the bike and themselves being upside down staring it to darkening evening sky. Yup, that’s an over the handlebars moment. Stanmer 2, Cycle Seahaven 0.

We regroup at the main road up through the park, from here back up in to the village and out the other side. At the top of this climb we met up with Sparksy who was late and got lost to start with. From here we hit some sweet flowing singletrack, more tree roots, up and over tree piles and stumps testing the very best of the group. No ‘off’s at this stage, over a old flint wall, broken down over time, age, weather and bike. Here we headed back down in to the valley floor and them began the climb back out.

Once out of the valley, back through the tight twisting singletrack which claimed 2 of our best earlier. This time John decided to view the park from an odd angle spending some quality time with a tree. On we went, unhindered and undeterred. The light had now faded under the park tree canopy and the lights were blazing. Looking around at the riders to my side and behind we were a ‘wash’ with lumens, thousands of lumens packed the trail as the illuminated convoy once again sped towards the finish and our awaiting vehicles.

Then we went to the pub !
Great ride, great riders and great singletrack.

Without a doubt, the Cycle Seahaven team will be back to Stanmer park. Keep an eye on the calendar for future rides.
Thanks everyone for a great evening.
Chris Bunn
Ride Leader.