Team / Multi Group Road Ride Event

Cycle Seahaven Team / Group Road Ride Sunday 6th June 2021

Cycle Seahaven is hosting a members only Team and Multi-Group Road Ride on Sunday 6th June 2021.  The routes have been chosen to allow club members to try out some of the routes by our Touring, Intermediate and Sportive Road Groups.

There will be a choice of 40 or 100 mile routes with the event running from 08:00 – 18:00.

For the 40-mile route, there will be a choice an B or a D graded route, the idea being to allow all members the opportunity to have an enjoyable day out on the bike whichever route(s) you choose.

The rides will be open for groups or teams of riders. The routes can be self -guided, however  some  or our Ride Leaders will be leading groups round the easier 40 mile route, so please contact Contact Dave Sutton if you want to book either a team or a place on the ride. The routes are available to download from the CSH RWGPS Club account, this will give you spoken turn by turn directions on your smartphone just like a car sat nav!

Event HQ will be Harbourside Gymnastics Academy, this business is owned by  Club Member Mark Smoker, there is sufficient parking, toilets etc , he has kindly offered this to the club at no charge.

There will be a checkpoint with water and some energy snacks halfway through each ride. Refreshments and Loos are available at various cafes for those taking a more  leisurely ride. Broom wagon support/recovery provided by the organisers in their cars will be available in the event of a major mechanical or other serious issue affecting a rider. It is advisable for all riders to use the what3words app to enable precise location should you need support.


All teams /Groups will ride the first 40  miles using either the B or D graded routes. For those that want to ride something more challenging, there will be a 2nd loop of 64 miles making a total distance of 103 miles. Ride HQ will be open from 08:00 – 18:00 giving a 10-hour time slot to complete the ride.

The  B Graded initial 40-mile route goes  north and returns via Littlington will be on quieter roads and lanes such as those used regularly by the Cycle Seahaven Tourers.

The   D Graded initial 40-mile route  will also be mainly on quieter roads and lanes, but heads north via Hindover and returns via Littlington using roads extensively used by the CSH Sportive and Intermediate Road Groups.

The longer 60-mile second  route will use some busier roads with a couple of challenging climbs, but again will feature roads extensively used by the Intermediate and Sportive Cycle Seahaven road groups.

Please contact Dave Sutton if you want further information, wish to book a team or a place on the ride or would like help with RWGPS. Full details on the Club Calendar.

Entries Close 1st June 2021

Happy Cycling

Mark Smoker and Dave Sutton


A busy day for Cycle Seahaven

Saturday, 20 July 2019 was the busiest day for Cycle Seahaven so far this year.

During the morning we hosted the annual ‘Women’s Festival of Cycling’ Ladies Ride. The club trailer was used to transport the bikes to Heathfield after which the ladies cycled back along the Cuckoo Trail to Seaford, via the Arlington Tea Rooms.

At Peacehaven’s Big Park the Dr Bike mechanics were ready and waiting for whatever the locals had to offer. This was followed by the second ‘members-only’ maintenance workshop, this second one focused on puncture repairs.

At the same time we ran two Ride the Downs rides from Big Park, with four return riders and two new riders. Two of whom joined the club making a total of nine new members in the last week.

Meanwhile, in Friston Forest, the CSH family ride got underway with kids of all ages doing their thing and enjoying the single tracks. 

And if all that wasn’t enough we finished the day with the CSH summer BBQ.  It was great to see so many road riders there! Good food, good beer and great company. 

What an amazing day! Thank you to all the people that helped make it happen.


July Family Forest Ride

On Saturday 28th July, while some members took part in the London Freecycle, 12 others joined us for our local freecycle courtesy of the monthly Cycle Seahaven Forest Family Ride.

As this was a smaller group we were able to let the kids play on the pump track and then onto the table tops where all the kids (both big and old) had fun discovering a part of the forest they did not know existed. 


We then headed past Moby Dick and on round to the Lookout where we did the Snow Run and Final Descent before heading back to the car park. 

Brilliant Easter Egg Ride

Saturday saw the most successful Cycle Seahaven Easter Egg Ride yet.  Seventy one riders of all ages joined in the ride in Friston Forest and our thanks go to Mark Woodgate and his team who organised the event.  It was also the first event to use the newly acquired Club Trailer.  We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Easter Family Egg Hunt 2017

Saturday 15th April we will hold our hugely popular Annual Family Forest Easter Egg Ride.

We meet at the first Forest car park at 2:00pm for a short briefing where you get to meet everyone and talk about the rules to stay safe.

We will then take the family route round the forest stopping half way round for an egg hunt in the field.

You must register and indicate how many children you will be bringing along so that we can ensure an ample supply of Creme Eggs.

The Cycle Seahaven Bike Trailer will be available to transport bikes:

Big Park, Peacehaven 1130am cost in total per bike £1.60

Bait Bucket Newhaven 1215pm cost in total per bike £1.40

Seaford Promenade by Salts 1pm cost in total per bike £1.20

Please register and agree to the rules by clicking on the Registration Form link below:


Ride Leader: Mark Woodgate or
07446 37005 or
use our online contact form at .

2B Bright & Cold Beginners Ride

A clear bright, if not very cold Sunday morning saw 13 of us leaving Seaford heading towards Newhaven on the Ouse Estuary Trail. Upon reaching Newhaven we were joined by another rider taking our number to 14, a great turn out on such a cold morning. The cold frosty morning meant the grassy trails along the riverbank to Piddinghoe were solid and easier to ride. A quick hop on the C7 saw us arrive at Deans Farm and the start of Valley road taking us to the back of Peacehaven. Due to some of the group venturing out on the own rides, I took the opportunity at certain points to advise where we were and possible alternative routes that maybe taken. Our coffee stop this week was the café at the Big Park in Peacehaven, which was very welcome, in order to de-frost our fingers & toes. Feeling refreshed and de-frosted we head towards the A259 and up & over the Highway, dropping down to & along the Quay side in Newhaven before returning to Seaford via the Ouse Estuary Trail. As always on our beginners rides assistance and advice was offered to less experienced riders in order to boost their confidence and enjoyment whilst on our rides. Well done to all riders that came along today, and to Roy for assisting me leading the ride this morning.

Paul Sandles
Ride Leader 


2B Introductory Ride for Hybrids and MTBs

Ride report for Sunday’s 2B ride on Sunday 3rd July.

6 of us – Barry, Tim, Becky, Roy, Paul and Roger rode a loop around Seaford this morning at an average of about 8 MPH, with a mix of mostly minor roads and off-road single track. And with some lovely weather to boot!

From Firle Drive we cut through The Ridings to the perimeter off-road bit round the eastern edge of town that borders the national park, along some gentle ascents and descents and down to the Alfriston road. We decided to give the VERY overgrown track that leads to the A259 a miss and looped through the estate to the Eastbourne Road. Then via Chyngton Way, and around the farm track, we aimed for a short coffee stop at Seaford Head golf club – the views were sublime! we came back along the seafront, where  the Newhaven Lifeboat was ‘parked’ at the beach as part of a display. And back to the White Lion.

We plan to repeat this, or rides very like it, for the next few Sundays in order to give riders a chance to practice some off-roading. We can gradually extend the ride with some interesting loops and slightly more technical stuff at a pace to suit the group.

Paul Sandles & Roger Lambert

Each Ride Leader can be contacted from our website at 

Thursday Pub Ride Report – 7th May

Last night we had 25 riders of widely varying ages and abilities congregate on The Flying Fish,  some joining us en-route from as far away as Polegate. It was great to see some newcomers to Thursday’s regular pub ride:  welcome to Lou and her son Cam (13),  Alan,  Steve, and Fergus.

A number of members and guests rode over from Newhaven via the Ouse Estuary Trail (the walking and cycling track between Newhaven and Seaford),  so they had already completed half of the ride and wouldn’t need to join us on the return journey after the pub. We set out on the 4-mile ride from The White Lion,  a popular meeting place for our rides,  and headed en-masse along Belgrave Road towards the mini roundabout,  turning left up Firle Road. After about 250 meters we waited for everyone to re-group before turning left along the bridleway that goes past Costcutters on Princess Drive,  continuing a straight line onto Grand Avenue where we stopped again to regroup and catch our breath.

Junction of Grand Avenue and bridleway Seaford 8b

Junction of Grand Avenue and bridleway Seaford 8b

One of the benefits of using quiet  bridleways is that it’s easy to stop just about anywhere without fear of blocking the way for motor vehicles,  and we always put this benefit to good use on our easier rides where we need to stop regularly to allow everyone to keep together. It’s much more fun in a big group,  and the faster riders know it’s an easy ride so are happy to wait and encourage new riders.

The route into Bishopstone was along Silver Lane,  passing the long flint wall to our left which is embedded with the Pelham family badges (a diamond shape and a buckle, click for Historical info),  before the descent to St Andrews Church.

Dropping down to Bishopstone Village

Dropping down to Bishopstone Village

Bottom of Silver Lane, opposite St Andrews Church, Bishopstone

Bottom of Silver Lane, opposite St Andrews Church, Bishopstone

Bridleway Seaford 8b

Bridleway Seaford 8b

The above map of the bridleway  between Firle Road and Bishopstone is from the East Sussex rights of way map, which can be viewed here:

After another breather we turned right along the quiet road towards Poverty Bottom pumping station. With a tarmac surface all the way to Norton, this road turns into a bridleway with a short but steep climb to the top of Cantercrow Hill. Once at the top crossroads we all stopped for another breather before heading downhill to the pub.

Route from Norton to The Fish

Route from Norton to The Fish

The above map of the bridleway between Norton and The Flying Fish is again from the East Sussex rights of way map.

Once at the pub we were treated to huge plates of superbly roasted potatoes and gravy,  all supplied free to the riders courtesy of the Pub. The roasties didn’t last long enough for pictures to be taken of them.

Roast spuds, gravy and laughter outside 'The Fish'

Roast spuds, gravy and laughter outside ‘The Fish’

On the return journey we waved goodbye to the Newhaven-based riders who didn’t have far to get home. The rest of us rode along the Ouse Estuary Trail to Seaford and The White Lion where the ride ended – but the evening’s laughter continued.


Next week’s ride is to the Eight Bells in Jevington. Twice as far but still a gentle pace.

Route Map to the Eight Bells


Thursday Pub Ride Report – 23rd April

With the traditional starting point at the White Lion, Seaford, there was a very relaxed start to this ride a feeling that the lighter evenings are finally here and we would be riding all of the outward leg in glorious sunshine to the Plough and Harrow, Littlington. Even Roger with a puncture before the start couldn’t dampen our spirits and we were soon ready to go.

Along with the regular faces we were joined by a new face Sirous, and it was good to see Alan and Richard again now becoming regulars. 17 rides at the start swelled to 19 en-route riding up Blatchington Hill, then wiggling through the residential streets of Seaford, (where are we !) to burst out in a lovely field of yellow rape. Now as ride leader I had said there will be no mechanical issues on my ride, Debbie may not have been listening as at this point her chain broke !! Never fear as Debbie and her bike where engulfed in a throng of eager mechanics !!!

What a glorious ride north up the field dotted with large white balls of wool, riding carefully to avoid small brown balls produced by the big woolly ones ! Then down a now dry and much improved track down to the High and Over Alfriston Road. Feeling confident to cross the road and ride to the river we were treated with another fantastic view down the Cuckmere meanders to the Sea. At the bottom of the hill our last obstacle was a dried ditch with a plank on one side. This did prove an obstacle but also a lesson in controlled falling!

Reaching the Plough and Harrow came the toughest decision of the evening! Is it warm enough to sit outside?? This split the group but a good time was had by all, including sending a good will group photo to Jo Barlow on her riding adventure.

Now with MY hardest task of the evening it was time to tear everyone away from the bar for the return trip, (what did Elle call me?). With lights a blazing we ride along the road to the Golden Gallon….. ow.. I mean Cuckmere Inn with some of the group diving into the forest at the Gate to the main car park. How we love the hill back into Seaford but it is so much faster now it is dry and the lovely roll back into Seaford.

If the summer continues like this I can see this ride and this group getting  bigger and bigger  🙂

Ricki trainee ride leader