The popularity of some rides has meant that the numbers are into double figures, often over 20.  This has caused problems when meeting at the White Lion as rides going east or west then have to cross the A259 en masse.  Your Committee have been concerned that this could be a safety risk and suggest that Ride Leaders adopt the following simple solution:

For rides going north to Bopeep and the SDW, the White Lion is still the most sensible location;

For rides going east to the forest or Litlington and those going west to Newhaven, riders should meet on the grass area adjacent to Claremont shops south of the A259. This could be called Claremont Green.  It has the advantage that there would be no mass crossing of the A259 and additionally, anyone going to the White Lion by mistake can see where the group is meeting.  An alternative would be to use the Martello Tower.

A list of the Meeting Locations most used by the Club can be found HERE .