Your Committee Nominees for 2020 are:




Gray Brett

Having served the committee for a year now I thought it be a good time to audit my accomplishments against my manifesto.

Last year I said my commitment towards the club would focus on seeing fair play and acting on a balanced view, assisting/ supporting other committee members, developing and maintaining the club website. Supporting all cycling and social events wherever possible.

To this end I have listened and put forward a number of suggestions to the committee.  One result has seen the recent feedback portal implemented.

The summer months saw the Ride the Downs project, in association with South Downs National Park, which I had the pleasure of leading both the beginner and health rides throughout the period. With the exception of absence for holiday and SDW challenge I participated in the Dr Bike sessions, hosted both the CSH summer bbq and Bonfire party and assisted in this year’s Christmas party.

In addition to the above there were a number of improvements developed both to the website and new forms designed and implemented to assist rider leaders.

As we look ahead into the New Year it will be inevitable new challenges will present.  As they do present I will endeavour to successfully deal with each challenge to the best of my ability.

Michelle Brett

I have been Secretary and Webmaster of Cycle Seahaven for the past 18 months. Firstly co-opted, then returning at the last AGM.

I have been actively engaged with the club behind the scenes during this time, supporting the other Committee Members and keeping the website up to date. 

If re-elected I would like to continue with these tasks and help, alongside the other committee members, to keep the club as fun and active as it has become.

Sarah Clark

I joined the club in 2018 with the aim of improving my fitness. I am usually found out and about with the Ladies Rides and can sometimes be seen on the easier routes to the pub on a Thursday evening!

I have been employed in the financial sector in one shape or form since leaving college, working for a major high street bank, accounts dept. at The Grand, Brighton and now for a local business overseeing their financial activities. 

I have been shadowing Denis for a number of months, learning the ropes and getting a general idea of how the club finances are managed.  I hope to be given the opportunity to continue this success and move the club forward as Treasurer and Membership Secretary.

Kirstie Forcey

I was elected onto the committee last year and have been very active with the Ride the Downs Project which has generated in excess of £1000 for the club.

I have also been the driving force behind the club’s social events and uses my cake baking talents to encourage Dr Bike mechanics to support the project!

My artistic skills have also been used frequently in website design and the club’s Quarterly Newsletter.

If re-elected I’m looking to do more of the same and work more as Cycle Seahaven’s media coordinator.

Charlie Ireland

Mountain biking is one of my passions, another is eating pies but I can’t find a club for that, I am a regular rider with the “Tuesday Knights” and try to make the pub rides when I can.

Having been a member since 2017 I would like to get a little more involved with the club.

I feel that I have a lot to offer, in particular I would like to help with the Dr Bike sessions or any projects that may be put forward.

I started my working life in engineering before moving into account management having worked for several blue chip companies including Robert Bosch Gmbh where I was a national sales manager.

I have a good level of marketing and promotional experience which may be of use to the club.

I love to have a good laugh and enjoy the banter in the club but I can be serious when needed, I am all about inclusion and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, I like things to be straight with fairness in mind, having me on the committee will ensure that an open dialogue with all members will foremost. I am not afraid to break a few eggs to ensure that the correct things are done.

Some of the pledges in my manifesto will be to limit the number Stooge bikes in the club as there are far too many already and to ensure that cake is brought to Dr Bike sessions (Lemon drizzle is preferable). I would also use my newly gained power to move the committee meeting nights so they will not clash with club rides.

Whilst I am an MTB rider, I am keen for all cyclists to be represented in the club and will try to ensure more cohesion, I will aim to join some touring rides on our tandem possibly bringing my wife as well.

If I had to describe myself with a single word it would be “FABULOUS”!

Simon McFarlane

When I was 11 there were around 20 million cars – my eldest son is 11 and we are now approaching 40 million. Until we make it easier to cycle people will be put off and parents won’t feel comfortable letting their children cycle alone. The sections of cycleway we have are great, there simply aren’t enough of them and they are not joined up. Cycling is a simple, cheap and effective way to tackle health, air quality and climate problems.

As well as supporting the existing campaigns I would like to try and make it easier and safer for people to leave the car at home. Secure cycle parking, opening up new routes, safe road crossings, campaigning for additional funding for infrastructure, making sure cycling is considered in new developments.

I have a website design business so understand how to communicate issues to people from different backgrounds. Before working for myself I was a training and support coordinator at Brighton University.

Vivienne McLachlan

I consider myself an accidental cyclist after being persuaded into enrolling for a charity ride in 2018 by my daughter.  At the start line I felt completely underprepared and overwhelmed, however I completed the ride in a reasonable time and to my surprise enjoyed every minute.

Last year I signed up to Cycle Seahaven’s “Cycle the Downs” events through the South Downs National Park website. I was keen to find some new local off-road trails and improve my stamina prior to my first cycling holiday. I found the ride leaders friendly and encouraging and decided to become a member with the intention of joining some winter rides.

I have worked in local authority finance for the last 14 years and as such have a good working knowledge of charity and community grant schemes and fund raising. As well as being a fair-weather cyclist I enjoy keeping fit by attending several classes each week with Wave Leisure. I’m a passionate believer in the benefits of exercise for the body and mind and that you’re never too old to try something new.

Cycling is good for the environment, promotes health through physical activity and is sustainable. Having rekindled my love of cycling I would like to support Cycle Seahaven to encourage and enable others to give it a try.

Guy Reynolds

I have served as Chair of Cycle Seahaven for the last three years. I intend to stand for one more year to help the committee meet the challenges that an ever-increasing and active membership bring. There is a phenomenal amount of work that goes on in the background to keep the club moving forward and if re-elected I would like to continue to support the committee in the tremendous work they do.

Next year I aim to conclude the essential administrative functions we’ve been working on over the last few years (updating the constitution, child protection policies, GDPR etc.) and hopefully start to shift the focus towards more ‘fun stuff’ for the members. I’m also committed to ensuring that the strength of the club is behind any campaigning to promote cycling all levels.

Donna Turner

I have been with the club since 2017. I have enjoyed cycling for many years. I have gone from riding short local rides to doing the SDW over three days, the London to Brighton, a ride around the Isle of White and even rode every day for a whole year.

I have made lots of friends and they have given me a lot of support and encouragement.

Since joining the club my confidence has grown. I am a regular club rider and enjoy the Sunday rides and the social pub rides on a Thursday night.

I recce and assist all the Ladies rides and often suggest places to have coffee/cake.

I am very involved with Dr Bike and have learnt how to maintain my own bike. I enjoy helping others and would like to get more involved with the club.

If I am elected onto the committee I will help promote the benefits of cycling for everyone.

Lee Turner

I have been a active club member since joining the club in 2017 and would liketo be more involved in Cycle Seahaven and the progression of the club.

I regularly attend Sunday morning rides and enjoy the social pub rides on a Thursday night.

As well as running my own business I have found that since I have joined the cycling club cycling has given me the opportunity to relax and unwind and enjoy the amazing South Downs and really appreciate this amazing part of the world we live in that was not fully explored by me.

I really enjoy and look forward to Dr bike sessions and I have attended all 2019 meetings as well as picking up all equipment needed from the container for the Seaford Dr bike meetings and then returning back to storage, I would like to help Dr bike move forward and develop in 2020.

I enjoy informing people about the club and its benefits to potential new members.

Since joining the cycle club Donna and I have made a huge amount of friends and our cycling has gone from strength to strength and I personally hope to achieve much more with my cycling and fitness in the year to come.

If elected onto the committee I look forward to representing you and the club about the benefits of cycling and help the club move forward and grow in 2020.

David Tyler

David has always had a bike but returned as a more regular cyclist around ten years ago through a ‘bike to work’ scheme. Since moving to Seaford, in 2012, he joined CSH and became a keener rider. He currently enjoys multiple forms of cycling pursuit ranging from mostly road rides and cycle touring but when conditions get colder and wetter you’ll find him riding cross-country and forest trails.  He leads the intermediate/touring plus road rides locally and is a pilot for Cycling without Age.

Committee Experience. David has supported professional committees (BSI and ISO) in a technical capacity for many years and so is familiar with the format and protocol expected.

Main Aims if elected. i) To provide a meaningful voice for road cyclists, at all levels, such that CSH remains both relevant and valued, ii) promote road cycling through initiatives such as ‘taster sessions’ where off-road and on-road can better learn and appreciate different bike disciplines, iii) encourage greater participation between CSH cycling groups through events, and iv) improve gender equality within road cycling by encouraging more women riders at the higher paced rides.

Sarah Winser

I have worked on the committee on some great projects. Projects that are still in the making and very exciting for the future of the club. I am very busy running my own business and supporting my forever growing family. 

So what have I got to offer? In my first year with CSH I went from novice rider to ride leader, being very active in arranging rides and supporting club events.  My second year I also spent time organizing rides within the community – SDCA and starting the Ladies Rides which now in my third year I continue to run once a month. 

It’s been fun supporting other members of the committee. I have made lots of friends within the club who have been amazing supporting me as I introduce my grandchildren into the healthy benefits of cycling. I want to continue promoting the friendly supportive and fun elements that make this club what it is. Without a doubt one of the biggest benefits has been to mine and my family’s health. 

If I am re-elected onto the committee, I will continue to represent the clubs’ interests in a fun and energetic way.