Cycle Seahaven


Statement about Coronavirus – updated 14/10/20


Dear Cycle Seahaven member,

Today (14th October 2020) the Cycle Seahaven Committee updated our Ride Guidance in line with Cycling UK guidance clarifying the position on “Multiple Groups”.

In summary all Cycle Seahaven groups on a ride will be limited to a maximum of six riders. Multiple Groups are permitted as long as the groups do not come into contact with each other. This new regulation applies to ride meet points as well as during the ride.

This guidance is in addition to our usual ride requirements.


  1. Do not come on a ride if you feel in any way unwell.
  2. Groups must not exceed six riders in total. Cycling UK has stated that failure to adhere to this may invalidate our liability insurance. If there are more than 5 riders plus the Leader, there may be a call for an “assistant leader” to lead a second group in compliance with CSH Guidance. If no one offers, then numbers will be strictly limited to 6 in total.
  3. In order to comply with the spirit of the COVID regulations, groups will need to maintain a “clear gap” at any assembly points as well as during the ride. Ride Leaders may consider staggered start times, or perhaps different start locations if you have more than one or two groups on your ride.
  4. Groups will need to stay apart on the Road and Trail, effectively be a “Bubble”.
  5. It is not the role of the ride leader to enforce social distancing, this is a duty inherent on all members. So please respect the 2 metre social distance at all times.
  6. Ride Leaders should consider posting their rides on the calendar in the usual manner. If you want to join the ride you will need to contact the Ride Leader to ‘register’.
  7. Please do not just turn up the start point with others, as unregistered riders may be turned away if the ride is full. In the interest of fairness members will not be
    able to bulk book rides.
  8. Please respect the Ride Leader’s choice of route.
  9. Bring all you need for the ride COVID wise, including a face covering, hand sanitizer etc, as well as anything you need to get home in the event of a mechanical.

See the Group Rides Risk Assessment here