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Cuckoo Trail User Survey, Autumn 2020

From Neil Smith, Chair of Hastings and St Leonards Cycling Club.

“Wealden District Council is surveying users of the Cuckoo Trail, whether they are cyclists, runners or walkers.

I appreciate that your members may not get this far east too often, but it would be great if local cycling clubs could respond.

It’s important that the council hears from cyclists as well as other users so that a good range of views come across. “

This survey is only for people who currently or who have recently used the Cuckoo Trail e.g. within the last year or two.  The survey covers the stretch from Heathfield to Polegate, not the section around Shinewater in Eastbourne.

It is being carried out for Wealden District Council as part of a project to better understand who uses the Cuckoo Trail, what they like and dislike about it and how it can be improved.  Consultation stalls are also being run on the Cuckoo Trail this autumn, winter and spring.

We’d love to hear from all members of your family and / or your friends, so please do share the survey – please supervise your children if they want to take part.

The link is here:

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