Cycle Seahaven RWGPS Routes Library

There are a great number of Routes, Rides and Tours viewable on the our RWGPS (Ride With GPS) Club Account Routes Library.

Signing Up

Before you can access our Routes Library, you will need to have opened an RWGPS account first. The link is: The basic (free) version is fine, as you get premium features such as turn by turn spoken navigation for free with all Club Library Rides.

Once you have set up your basic RWGPS please click on this LINK and follow the instructions using your basic RWGPS account details.

Due to the ease of setting up, you may find it is easier to set up the account on a PC/Laptop first, as the bigger screen just seemed to make it easier. Use of a PC/Laptop makes it easier to use the filters to find the sort of ride you would like to do, filters are not enabled in the Mobile App.

Anyone new to RWGPS may find it beneficial read/watch the tutorials and play around with the Tools etc to familiarise themselves BEFORE trying to use it.

There are some useful tips on getting started with The RWGPS Club Account in this LATEST NEWS ARTICLE.

Remember, if all else fails, there is excellent help on the RWGPS help pages or send Dave Sutton a message via the RIDE LEADER CONTACT page.