Cycling Changed My Life

It’s been five years since I first signed up as a member of Cycle Seahaven and started following the club on Facebook when I noticed that they were putting on Beginners Rides. So I dusted off my aged bike and with some intrepidation, cycled to the meeting point for the Beginners Ride where I was warmly welcomed by ride leaders, Paul and Roger and we set off on my first cycle in decades.

At the time I didn’t realise what a life changing day that was to be and that my focus on Sunday mornings would never be the same again. I returned home so elated that I then recruited friends to join me on the next Beginners Ride.

I’ve been reflecting on my cycling journey with the club having recently cycled over 360 miles during March as part of a Cycle Seahaven challenge to get us all back out on our bikes after the long winter and lockdown.

Five years ago I could never have imagined myself, now 63 years old, being able to cycle so many miles, mostly off road and at the moment still on a manual bike although I definitely have my eye on an e-bike in the not too distant future! Over the years my usual position on a club ride has been ‘Tail End Charlie’ bringing up the rear but somebody has to do it!!

So five years and two bikes later, and many miles cycled, I’ve been encouraged and supported throughout by ride leaders, all with endless patience just wishing to share their passion for cycling. I’ve always loved walking on our beautiful South Downs but through Cycle Seahaven I’ve learned of many cycle routes away from our busy roads which has enabled me to enjoy even more of the beautiful countryside we have right on our doorstep plus I can now confidently cycle on the road when absolutely necessary!

Most important, I’ve made many friends and am probably physically and mentally more fit than I have ever been thanks to being a member of Cycle Seahaven.

So I thank everyone involved in running this incredibly friendly, fun and successful club and suggest that you dust off your bike, take it to Cycle Seahaven’s Dr Bike if it is in need of repair and give cycling a go as you too may never look back. 🚲


Written by a member of Cycle Seahaven

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