Road narrowed.

Cycling during Covid-19

It’s been brilliant seeing so many more people cycling and walking at the moment. An unforeseen issue is the lack of space, especially with the required social distancing.

On 9 May, Transport Secretary Grant  Shapps announced:

“Fast-tracked statutory guidance, published today and effective immediately, will tell councils to reallocate roadspace for significantly-increased numbers of cyclists and pedestrians.” 


I have a short window of opportunity (ideally before Friday 15th May) to put forward suggestions highlighting problem areas / routes in the Peacehaven, Newhaven & Seaford areas.

Of particular importance will be paths where there are no easy alternatives – but not enough room to pass with 2m distance. This could be because they are narrow or just really busy now.

If you have any comments either leave them below or send directly to me:




Update 01/06/2020

The gathered responses were submitted to ESCC (see document below). There was a very short space of time to produce this document so I tried to make a compelling case for each request.

Download pdf here – Temporary transport measures as result of Covid-19

There are also many more solutions which the council could choose to implement which are already laid out by Sustrans in the Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan. As this is only in draft stage I’ve been told I can’t share this with everyone yet. These have been excluded from the below document as they are already there for consideration by the council.

As soon as I hear more I will let you all know.


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