Cycling Rejuvenates your Immune System study finds

Cyclists touring along the Cuckoo Trail

We’re all aware that cycling is good for one’s health but the news this week that cycling keeps your immune system young is a real bonus! It’s based on a study of 125 long-distance cyclists, some in their 80s which found they had the immune system of 20-year-olds. You can read about it in a Guardian article.

The type of cycling described is similar to the Cycle Seahaven touring rides so this is great news for the tourers. There are three touring rides each week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) which usually clock-up over 100 miles.

Next week the touring rides are to Chilley Farm Café on Sunday (36 miles), Muddles Green on Tuesday (30 miles) and Bexhill on Thursday (44 miles), a total of 110 miles over those three days. So, if you’re not already a tourer, why not try one or more of these rides. Details are on the Rides Calendar. All include climbs up Chapel Hill so, as you puff your way to the top, you’ll have the comforting thought that you may be rejuvenating your immune system.

That said, all types of cycling are healthy exercise. Now that the weather is improving I’m sure there will be an even greater selection of rides on the Rides Calendar. The important thing is to keep cycling.

Happy cycling,