Cycling on the public roads and trails has some inherent danger attached, but as a club we want to support and encourage people to ride safely and enjoyably, respecting their fellow riders and other road/bridleway users.

It is Cycle Seahaven policy that our rides will comply with the law at all times.

Highway Code Guidance for cyclists can be viewed HERE


This is the single most important consideration for our club rides, and we ask you to take this very seriously:

Ride Leader’s Guidance

From time to time the ride leaders will offer safety guidance, for example to advise single file, or alert you to potential hazards on the section ahead.

Bike Roadworthiness

It is essential that your bike is in a safe and roadworthy condition DETAILS 


It is Cycle Seahaven policy that helmets will always be worn on club rides.


Cycle Seahaven recommend that your bike is fitted with a working bell. OFFER


Should there be an incident, please report it immediately to the ride leader. If you are able to, please  support the ride leader and offer any help you can.


We ask everyone, when riding on a Cycle Seahaven ride to have respect for their fellow riders and other road/trail users:

Ride leaders (or more likely their assistants) may be able help with mechanical issues, but we would ask all riders to be able to fix basic problems such as punctures. WHAT TO CARRY ON A BIKE RIDE

Please follow the highway-code at all times, including stopping at red-lights and riding no more than two-abreast. Please respect ALL other road users including drivers, pedestrians, runners, dog-walkers and horse-riders. Where appropriate and safe to do so, allow drivers to get past you on narrow roads.


 Let’s not forget that we do this because we love cycling, so let’s do it with a smile on our faces. A cheery ”hello” to a passing groups helps spread the fun to everyone else.


Pick the right Group – Club Rides are all graded GRADING OF RIDES.  As a general rule new riders should start with a slower group rather than a faster one enabling them to establish their fitness and skill level based on the gradings.

Each Cycle Seahaven Club ride will normally have a leader and assistant sometimes known as a “sweeper”.  The leader will not necessarily have to ride at the front, but will be familiar with the route.  The “assistant leader or sweeper” will ride at the back of the group and make sure riders do not become detached from the main group.

Please respect the Leaders decision if, for example, they decide to shorten a route due to weather/light/safety concerns.

Communication is key to a safe group ride. Rides may have any of the following hazards: traffic, rocks, signs, pot holes, parked cars, animals, pedestrians, etc. and visibility is limited for the cyclist in a group. It is important to communicate to the riders in the group of potential hazards by calling out clearly and where appropriate and can be done safely pointing out hazards. 

For details see  VOICE COMMANDS,      HAND SIGNALS.

Other useful sections:

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