Worlds biggest bike ride.

Cycling UK’s World’s Biggest Bike Ride – 12 September 2020

What is the World’s Biggest Bike Ride?

This is the cycling event for people who simply ride a bike.

Cycling UK is giving everyone a great reason to get out on their bikes, show support for a new era of transport and remind us all how awesome cycling is.

When we look around the globe at the effect of the pandemic, the world is experiencing the biggest bike ride in years: many people who haven’t cycled before, or for many years, are enjoying getting in the saddle.

By joining the World’s Biggest Bike Ride on Saturday 12 September, together we can get behind this exciting step change for cycling and realise the benefits for our health and for the future.

Why should I take part in the World’s Biggest Bike Ride?

Cycling can – and will – make the world a better place; it improves our health, our wellbeing, our air quality, our ability to travel safely, so we’re calling on anyone who likes riding bikes to go for a spin on 12 September.

We need you to show your support for cycling – the time is now. As the UK government recognises how important cycling is, let’s show that all nations are behind this new era of travelling more actively.

Who is the World’s Biggest Bike Ride for?

We are galvanising people who ride a bike to support the step change that will make the world a better place for cycling.

It’s for tots on balance bikes; energetic workers on e-bikes; adventurers on mountain bikes. It’s for juniors, seniors, the young at heart, anyone getting back in the saddle.

Pledge to take part of the Cycling UK website then record your ride on 12th September:


It would be great if we could put together a gallery of photos from the day. If you go out for a ride anywhere on 12th September please send a photo to … lets show everyone how diverse and cycle mad we all are!

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