Dave & Jo’s Ride With GPS Adventure

With the usual off-road trails frankly horrible at the moment what better time is there to explore some of the quieter roads just north of the Downs.

Now we can all look at a map and sort out a little spin but there is always the chance that the lanes we pick won’t be as good as we think, or we will miss some of the small byways that make a trip memorable.

Time to call on the Club’s ‘Ride with GPS’ program.  There are dozens of routes already on the system and following a recommendation from Dave Sutton to give “Gravel Byways” a go we set about downloading the App and getting going.

To most this is a walk in the park, but for “technophobes” like us, the thought was not one we relished!

But you will be very pleased to hear that by following the instructions in the Winter Newsletter it was actually a piece of cake, and honestly if we think that then it really is easy!

The system is fantastic. Get to your start location, press go and stick your phone in a pocket close to your ear and follow the instruction, simple. Just like your car Sat Nav it warns of turnings in advance, then at the turning. If you happen to miss the turn, like we did a couple of times, it beeps at you annoyingly until you stop and check the onscreen map and realise the error of your ways. It even gives you a little fanfare when you are back on track!

The route was brilliant as we were guided around lanes centred on Arlington, most of which we had ridden on before, but it also took us along several off-road byways that we didn’t know were even there! Absolutely brilliant.

And the best bit: it gives you a big Fanfare when you get the end!! 😊

I would highly recommend having a look at the system. Its brilliant and in these times when we can’t ride together following one of our great ride leaders, I can’t think of a better way of exploring new routes.

Happy cycling,

Jo & Dave Barlow

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Dave Sutton
Dave Sutton
5th February 2021 5:31 pm

So glad you both enjoyed it. This route was part of a whole day of Green Laning, back when my off road two wheeler was a 250cc Honda :).

Roger Lambert
Roger Lambert
5th February 2021 2:30 pm

Well done you 2. I downloaded a trial route, which means it can run offline in the back pack and not use up data, and found it worked well. I’m a bit anti tech for riding in ‘nature,’ and don’t really mind getting lost, but I liked this and plan to use it to pick up some of the Tourers’ routes as the weather gets nicer!