Dr Bike really made an impact

We arrived to set up for 10 am but already had a queue forming by 9.30…! Four ‘bike medics’ set to work and were kept busy until close of business at 12 noon – or more like 12.30 by the time we finished our last safety check and handed back the 20th bike we’d worked on that morning with freshly pumped up tyres.

In many ways Saturday perfectly represents the Dr Bike thinking – we worked on bikes that were otherwise resting (rusting?) un-used in sheds or even in the garden. We don’t do major work but we do want to help present and future cyclists get, or keep, their bikes working.

For more serious mechanical ‘challenges’ we normally advise riders to check out their local bike shop. And if you enter the shop with a better idea of the work needed, because of conversations with Dr Bike, then that’s good too.

And, for example, one of our younger ‘customers’, and his Dad, took a very real interest in the work we were doing and got involved…the more you learn about how a bike works the better and easier cycling becomes!

What seemed to work especially well was the teamwork. The session was fronted by a CS committee member who kept people informed, and amused, as they waited for a ‘medic’ to be available or just ran the stall and chatted ‘cycling.’ Other committee members and ride leaders popped in to help out with clearing up and one – you know who you are – supplied much needed cake!

This typifies the CS approach to all things cycling, which normally involves a lot of smiles, food(!) and a fair bit of banter. We take very seriously the issue of cycling safety and a well maintained bike is a good thing in its own right – the fun comes from doing something we all enjoy.

See you on Saturday 6th May….

Dr Bike

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