East Sussex Country Council turns down Covid-19 schemes in Seaford and Newhaven

In a meeting on Monday 17th August it was decided to not proceed with the plans that East Sussex County Council submitted to the Depart of Transport for funding in both Seaford and Newhaven.

Unfortunately after we provided three sets of proposed improvements none were included in any of the emergency measures. Therefore there will be no emergency measures to support walking and cycling in the Lewes District Council area from the first Tranche of funding.

You will find the meeting agenda here with officer recommendations:

You will find our initial suggestions here:

As you can imagine this is very disappointing to everyone involved and frankly quite surprising. The Secretary of State for Transport Grant Schapps and the Department for Transport were both asking for councils to do whatever they can to make it safer to walk and cycle.

I’m still hoping that we will get the additional cycle parking – although at this point I can’t get any information!

Cycle Seahaven member Councillor Carolyn Lambert commented:

“Some parts of Lewes, including Seaford, will receive no benefit from this funding.  If the money is not spent, then the government will claw it back which would be a huge missed opportunity.  Cycle Seahaven, one of the biggest cycling groups in the county, has put forward some perfectly achievable proposals, including some for simple signage, which seem to have been discounted.  I hope that the County Council will re-consider its approach and listen to local residents”.

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