Emergency active travel fund


Press release from ESCC:

We’ve been allocated funding from the Government’s emergency active travel fund. We’ll use the grant to support town centres and high streets, and to provide temporary measures on some routes to enable people to walk or cycle more to work or for leisure.
Although the government grant is still to be confirmed, the first indicative allocation for East Sussex is £479,000, with a further £1.96m potentially available at the next funding application stage. This could amount to £2.3m of funding.
We will be talking to the council to try and find out where this funding being spent. It’s important they use the experience of local cyclists when making their decisions!
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3rd June 2020 11:17 pm

Can you refer the council to the strategic plan for our local towns that Cycle Seahaven have already published after lengthy consultations? It included cycle routes between public amenities (shops, schools, businesses, public places and services); street changes for better walking and cycling; improved disabled access; and even more car porking while improving crossings at junctions. And while they’re at it, stop cars from parking on the pavement. This often presents an obstacle for the… Read more »