First Aid kits. Is anyone looking to buy one?

The CSH Committee are currently looking to source First Aid Kits and Whistles for Ride Leaders. As it is cheaper to buy in bulk, would anyone else (i.e. non ride leaders) be interested in purchasing their own first aid kit and/or whistle from the club?

Following advice from experienced First Aiders we are looking to provide the following kit:

Melolin dressings (3) ,

Cohesive Bandage (1) ,

Triangular Bandage (1) ,

Plasters(5-10) ,

Gloves (2) ,

Tough cut scissors,

Safety pins(4),

Alcohol free wipes (5) ,

Foil blanket,


Saline solution(2).

The cost works out around £14 – please note – This HAS NOT been finalized yet and DOES NOT include any kind of pouch/bag. We are looking at possible dry bags which cost around £5 each. We would also be looking at keeping some stock available for ‘top ups’.

Instant Ice Packs are to be discussed as many of these just require a squeeze to set in motion and may accidentally be ‘set off’ if squashed into a kit bag.

Please leave comments below if interested or contact Tracey Martin using the  committee contact page here.