Friston Forest 2b MTB ride report 12/10/13

Due to bad weather, we did not ride on Friday night but managed to have a day ride on Saturday afternoon. We did approx 10mls with going up cardiac one and a 1/4 times. I did a bit of video, so here is part one of our Saturday day ride. The ground was muddy and slippery in places, but it was great to see the trails in daylight. Cardiac is as hard by day that it is by night and it was more horrifying to see what kind of hardcore they have dump on it to make it less muddy: broken tiles, glass, wood and a lot more rubbish! Very unfriendly for tyres or dogs, crazy!!!!!!!!!

Winter MTB can be quite treacherous in Friston  and despite the fact that the ride is a 2b, a good  basic level of trail riding is required. We do come off and I talk from experience 🙂

Will provide a link to video we did shortly

The choice of music is always difficult as I need to use royalty free one, but I hope you like the tracks. This one is a little more mellow to show you that MTB does not always have to be fast and furious!




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Roger Lambert
Roger Lambert
16th October 2013 9:31 pm

Well impressed with the mapping on the video – fun afternoon it was, too. Maybe some more 2b daytime/weekend rides in the future…..?

Andy Lock
14th October 2013 1:55 pm

That looked like a fun afternoon. The ground was very wet compared the superbly dry trails we got used to for most of the summer.
The camera angle was very good, and so was the picture quality. What a great indication of what to expect on your rides.
It would be interesting to hear if there is demand for weekend rides during the daytime.