Today’s junior riders Poppy and Daisy braved the weather alongside their parents and managed to visit  (virtually) two of our most haunted placed in East Sussex.

Their first was the village of Alfriston which has its fair share of spooky goings on.

Locals have reported seeing fairies in the gardens, a ghostly lady on the staircase at the Smugglers Inn, and the appearance of four white oxen on the village green, tails touching forming an x, led to St Andrew’s church being built in that shape.

At Deans Place Hotel, a woman dressed in blue has been spotted on the landing. She is believed to have been murdered at the site. Whilst others claim to have seen a phantom dog in the car park.

The most well known ghostly tale is that of the Chowne family who owned Burnt House (next to Deans Place). In the early 1800s, the road between the properties was widened and a skeleton was found. It was thought to belong to the missing Chowne heir who had been murdered along with his white dog. The ghost of a dog has been spotted sitting next to the shallow grave.


Their next virtual destination took them to The Shelley’s in Lewes where it is believed to be haunted by poltergeists

The 16th century building was once owned by Henry Shelley, a relation of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (hence the name)

It was used as a military hospital for officers during the First World War, although the military apparitions seen at the hotel date back a little further.

One man was reputed to have seen the ghost of a cavalier from the Civil War on the staircase.

In 1978 there were reports of poltergeist activity which started when a QC said his bed levitated three inches during the night. Other activity included chairs moving and clothes hangers and ashtrays being thrown around.

A great effort today by our young riders today clocking up a total of 33.5 miles

We hope to see more of you out riding this week so we find out about more haunted places in our area.

Don’t forget to register so we can add your miles and invite you to the Halloween Hot Dog Night on Friday

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Lee Turner
Lee Turner
24th October 2020 7:09 pm

Fantastic write up Jo and Dave, and well done Poppy and Daisy Venables.