You can add a Post to our website very easily:

1. Send it as an e-mail to the  (you will have to type in the e-mail address). Please attach photos where possible as .jpg or similar. Please do not put them in the body of the text, add them as an attachment, but you may indicate where you want them to go.  The Webmaster may edit your text for typos and minor changes before publishing it but will advise you if any major changes or reductions are needed.  He may also crop or enhance your photographs in order to show the subject more clearly

2. Gain Author’s rights. If you are likely to post regularly, say as a Ride leader or Event Organiser, you can ask for an Author’s Role. This means you can log on to the website program and write your own Post. The Webmaster will be notified and will have to approve and publish the Post. Contact the Webmaster at the address above. If you have been granted Author’s Role, just go to the Dashboard at Word Press Login

If you want any further details, please do not hesitate to contact the Webmaster.