Kitty has been riding a bike since she was three years old. She had previously been on a balance bike which meant she was able to transfer straight to a bike without stabilisers. She is currently riding an Isla bike which I can highly recommend. She is very excited to get onto her next bike as it will have gears but that will take a fair bit of growing yet.

We started riding a lot more during the lockdown as our daily exercise and have slowly increased the distance as she gets better. We ride mostly over the fields at the back of Seaford.

It doesn’t always go smoothly as you may see in the photos and Kitty has had a few good crashes but she is good at jumping back in the saddle and getting on with it.

The riding has done us all a lot of good and has been something to really look forward to. During the lockdown we’ve ridden about 70 miles and we can’t wait for it to be lifted so we can get out on some of the family club rides.