Livestock – please shut the gate

There’s more livestock up on the Downs at the moment as we go into Autumn and it is important to shut gates when you go through them.

It’s tempting to just let the gate swing back on its own weight or give it a shove and hope but please make sure it’s latched closed when you leave it.


There is a perception among local farmers that MTB riders are less good at shutting gates than walkers – they think we just want to get on, not get left behind by a group if we’re at the back etc. It’s important that we’re seen to be doing the right thing so please make an effort to ensure gates are secure when you leave them.

If you find a gate that’s damaged or blocked and it’s on a public right of way then you can report it and, if it’s within the East Sussex boundary, it will be dealt with. There’s a form here

Let’s try and avoid annoying the people that manage it and earn a living from it