The club has the use of a number of loan bikes available for club members to use if your bike is out of service. These bikes are available to us via our cycling partners Sustrans and available from the cycle hub at the Big Park Peacehaven.

Contact for loan bikes can be made via the Contact Us page on the website. The club Loan bike coordinator is Charlie Ireland.

We have the use of 3 e-bikes: 2 are male frame mtb and 1 female frame mtb. We also have the use of a number of mtb and hybrid bikes.

Condition of Loan.

  1. We will require your address and contact phone number for all bikes out on loan.
  2. All bikes must be returned in the condition received 
  3. Any bike returned in a unclean condition will incur a £15 cleaning charge.
  4. All collections and returns of loan bikes can only take place at the Dr Bike surgery held in Peacehaven on the 3rd Saturday of the month between 9.30am and 12.30pm only. No other times are possible as we are volunteers.
  5. All loan bikes are for 4-week loan period.
  6. Any faults with the bike must be reported on its return.
  7. All loan bikes will have a spare inner tube supplied with the bike and, if not used, returned with the bike. If you use the inner tube please replace it.
  8. Loan bikes are not supplied with lights.
  9. Please take good care of the loan bike and remember that any abuse could result in this facility being removed from Cycle Seahaven.​​​
  10. Enjoy your ride.​​

​Thank you.