Is your bike Roadworthy?

It is easy to check that your cycle is safe for you to use. The M-Check and the ABC Check are tried and tested methods which will enable you easily to cover all the key safety issues on your bike. 

The M-check

This is a thorough check  of all the key features of your bike. A .pdf sheet has been produced by Sustrans which explains the procedure.  You can download and print this, keeping it as your guide, click HERE. This also includes a link to a video explaining how to do the M- check.  

For another video which explains this, click HERE.

The ABC check

The M-check needs to be carried out regularly, say every month or two months,  but not necessarily before every ride.  What you do need before every ride is a simple ABC check – AIR, BRAKES, CHAIN.  Here are links to a couple of sites which explain the ABC check.

Videos – How to do an ABC Quick Check;   ABC quick check.

There are many more sites on the web and you tube which explain these in even greater detail.