Make Hay while the Sun shines

Cyclists at the café in Muddles Green

Cyclists at the café in Muddles Green

We’re lucky to be having an Indian Summer at present as the weather is ideal for cycling being warm and dry with just a gentle breeze to keep you from getting too hot.

Last Sunday, on our touring ride to Horam, I observed plenty of cyclists on the roads taking advantage of the good weather and, this week, nine Cycle Seahaven cyclists turned up for our Tuesday morning touring ride; possibly a record turnout for a Tuesday touring ride.

The ride was to Muddles Green for a refreshment stop at Chiddingly Village Shop, one of our favourite café stops. It’s a community shop run by volunteers and we’ve been visiting the café ever since it started up several years ago. Our first visit was just a few days after it had opened and someone took a photo of us for use on their website; it’s still there:

So, I took the opportunity of taking a similar photo on Tuesday; more cyclists this time!

Looks like the Indian Summer will continue through next weekend so perhaps I can encourage all members to get out on their bikes this Saturday or Sunday and make hay while the sun shines.

Happy cycling,


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