Message from the chair on behalf of Cycle Seahaven Committee

It is fair to say that 2020 has been a difficult year and has thrown us many new challenges.

Cycle Seahaven has been no exception. The main aim of this wonderful club is to encourage all our members both new and old on to their bikes and to enjoy the beautiful countryside we live in.

We have an amazing team of Ride Leaders who have always been willing to share their experience and their favourite routes, thus offering you new routes to explore safely.

Unfortunately, COVID 19 came into our lives and changed the way we, as a club, are able to help our members.

Lockdowns and restrictions meant that we have not been able to offer the rides as normal. When it has been allowed many of our ride leaders have worked together to enable rides to go ahead and we know through the wonderful messages received that many of our members have really enjoyed getting back out.

Behind the scenes the Committee has also faced a rather turbulent year. In June, the announcement that Guy Reynolds was to step down as Chair after serving for 4 years, followed quickly with the news that Andy Lock had been co-opted by the Committee to take on the role.

Following the departure of Guy, more challenges faced the committee when another two members stepped down.

The workload since then has been split between a committee of 8 and with the challenges faced by them on finding ways to support our 375 members, continue the hard work on campaigning for better infrastructure for cyclists and the general day to day running of a club, as well as coming up with new ways to get our members out riding has been tough.

Further disruption occurred when Andy changed jobs and was forced to take a step back from his co-opted role as Chair. Although Andy stepped down he thankfully agreed to remain on the committee and continue his support as and when he could.
The committee members pulled together and managed for a short period under their own combined guidance until the committee meeting on 16th November when I agreed to be co- opted into the role of Chair.

Having been co-opted onto the committee and then into the role of Chair has taken some adjustments and quick learning and unfortunately some very difficult hurdles to overcome.

I learned that for the past few months the committee has been on the receiving end of some very critical comments (both via email and social media) by just a few of the members. Some of the comments received have been rather aggressive and the committee as a whole found it totally demoralising. As a committee we openly accept and often ask for the opinions and suggestions from our members. However, we would ask all our members to address the committee using the link on the website. The committee are volunteers and do a great deal of hard work on your behalf. Taking time out to answer emails such as the ones received has taken each of them away from the roles they volunteered to do, so I would ask that if you do contact us please be friendly and polite in your communications.

I am however incredibly happy to say that the club currently has a very strong and dedicated committee supporting them. Each member is passionate about cycling, passionate about their club and in everything we discuss and agree on, we all have, at the heart of it, the interests of each and every member of this club.

The committee will stand for re-election in 2021 and hope that we will have the continued support of our members. There is however room for new members to join and bring with them fresh ideas and support and at this time we are asking for nominations to join the committee for 2021.

So, if you are passionate about cycling, passionate about your club then why not join us and bring some new and fresh ideas to the table to help support our members in 2021.

We meet once a month for a few hours (currently via zoom) and each member in the committee has a role which most have selected themselves as an area of interest to them.

There are of course specific roles which must be filled and these are the role of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

If you feel that you have some spare time and would like to join the committee then please send us your nomination via email to the chair using the contact form here.

We will need your full name, contact details and a short Bio on yourself and your area of interest.

Depending on the numbers of nominations received, voting will take place in the new year and announcements made at the AGM.

Want to help but don’t want to join the committee? Then maybe one of our sub-teams will be of interest to you. We need support in the areas of Campaigning, Website Management and Media Management.

We would like to ask if any of our members have experience or a keen interest in either of these areas and would like to join one of our sub-teams, please send your details to the chair using contact form here.

The deadline for all nominations is 11 January 2021.

If you are thinking about joining the committee or are just interested in what goes into running your club then why not join us at our next committee meeting on Monday 21st December 2020 at 7pm.

Simply contact the secretary using the contact form to say you would like to observe and we will send you the relevant link.

We look forward to receiving your nominations and welcoming you as an observer at our meeting.



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