MTB 2B via Piddinghoe, Big Park, Court Farm Road, OVT to the Marttello


Roy led  11 of us off from the White Lion. We picked up 2 riders in Newhaven and had a total of 13 participants with more or less chilly fingers, depending on the state of their gloves, in glorious winter sunshine. We didn’t find any icy surfaces to slide around on, though I was wondering if our Roadie colleagues negotiated the frost pockets safely? From C7 we headed through Dean’s farm, via Big Park and across A259 to The Highway. We turned right on the drop down Court Farm road and into the back of Newhaven and along the river eventually picking up OVT and having a very welcome cuppa at the Martello.

It’s worth mentioning that a couple of riders are now managing descents in the ready position, instead of walking and tho my Garmin was messing about it looks like we averaged 8MPH+  this morning which would be our quickest yet I believe….?


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Roger Lambert
Roger Lambert
5th December 2016 10:02 pm

I hope people do refer to the very useful MTB tips section of the website – also plan to run another careful forest ride soon to help to build on skills.

5th December 2016 9:41 pm

Really good to see people progress and get to see more of the amazing off-road trails we have hidden on our doorstep.
The ‘ready position’ used to stay well balanced is explained further on our mtb tips page