I think it’s fair to say that those who took part in the April challenge felt like this at times… 





with work, kids and family duties thrown in between! But what a month it was! 

Congratulations to all those that completed it all and well done to all those that didn’t (but tried)…. and that was the point. It was great to read your comments on Facebook and Strava and see the encouragement offered by others. 

So what’s next….? Why not continue for as long as you can OR… up the game a bit?

If you are looking for another challenge well; Ellie’s been talking to Helen again! 

So how about some hill climbing in May?

You set your own goal. The height of Ben Nevis, 20 times up Firle Bostal, conquering that illusive hill or just beating your cycling nemesis? It’s up to you!

Instead of trying to cycle back home using the flattest route available, pick the most hilly one! It’ll be great training for summer events (like the SDW or London to Brighton).

Over to you…