New Virtual Cycling Challenge

Who is ready for another virtual cycling challenge?

We have received a number of requests and suggestions for our next challenge and we have finally made a decision.

This suggestion came from David Sutton and it’s a big one so we have decided to start the challenge on Monday June 1st and run it for the whole of June.

The Pan American Highway is known as the longest road in the world as it connects two continents  and is a mere 19,000 miles long !!!!

The challenge is open to all club members and their families. All miles cycled (including indoor cycling) will be recorded either by joining the strava club (Pan America) or by messaging Jo or Dave Barlow with your miles and we can add them manually.

All photos of your cycling challenge can be sent to me also so we can use in updates and on website blog.

Have fun, enjoy your cycling and let’s work together and smash this challenge. 

Jo and Dave Barlow.‍ 

  🚴    ‍🚴🚴


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