Peacehaven Cycle Route Ideas pt.2

Further to our previous post asking for ideas on routes around Peacehaven we’ve come up with a draft map as a way of keeping track.

Here are the ideas so far.

  • NCN2 along Arundel Road is spoilt by cars parking over the cycle infrastructure, and the cycle gaps created by the islands fill up with debris. These need addressing.
  • Regarding the Peacehaven end of the new A259 shared path from Newhaven – the corner to Downland Avenue is a bit tricky to negotiate. Footpath Peacehaven12 onto Ashington gardens is a possible alternative if it can be opened up to cyclists.
    *UPDATE: Under consultation
    *UPDATE: In Progress
  • Footpath Peacehaven 1  (along the cliff top) is a cracking route for MTBs and hybrids. Much of it appears to be highway and it’s used a lot by riders already, even though there’s no apparent right of way designated in some sections. It would be nice if it could formally be changed to allow cyclists.
  • Crossing from Restricted Byway Telscombe 9a (popular with walkers and cyclists) from the Tye to the shared path on the South side of the A259 is not a nice experience.
  • The wide metalled Footpaths Piddinghoe5 and 13b are a great route from the Big Park to Piddinghoe, and would be nice to be designated a shared path. A lot of cyclists use it already. It would make more sense if/when Egrets Way ever got finished.
  • Glynn Road is another cracking route from The Big Park. It goes past Meridian Primary School and takes riders up to Telscombe Road and onto the Tye. Being a dead-end in the middle (passable by walkers and cyclists) makes this road quieter than others.
  • Many roads often have cars parked along them making navigation tricky – especially with/for youngsters. A large number of roads in Peacehaven have wide grassy verges which could be converted to shared paths, especially those roads going to schools and shops. . Some suggestions would be:
    • Rowe Avenue, back of Police Station, Sutton Avenue, Roderick Avenue as a central spine connecting NCN2 and the Meridian Centre and the back way to the Community School by Horsham Avenue North;
    • The entire length of Telscombe Cliffs Way would link up much of the proposed route on the West side;
    • Park Avenue, through the park, Balcombe Road to Peacehaven Heights primary, The Joff youth centre, Sutton Avenue spinal route and Peacehaven Community school;
    • Connect Glynn Road to Roderick Avenue by the tree-lined path from the North of Horsham Avenue North via Firle Road.


Here’s a link to a draft map for Peacehaven:

And here’s an old one we did for Newhaven:


If you have any further ideas then please get in touch by leaving a comment below or select ‘Campaigns’ from our contact page at


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Andy Lock
Andy Lock
26th May 2015 2:25 pm

Update: Footpath ‘Peacehaven 12’ will soon be under public consultation for conversion to a Cycle Track. Notices are posted at each end of this footpath: