Promising Start for Dr Bike

A surprisingly warm Saturday morning - March 4th - saw the inaugural session of the new series of Cycle Seahaven's free, Dr Bike workshops in Seaford.

This was something of a trial run. It generated lots of interest in bike maintenance, in Cycle Seahaven and attracted a new club member, plus numerous expressions of interest in our next session. We safety checked and/or worked on 4 bikes and advised on the work likely to be needed for other riders who had not brought their bikes with them.

If you are not using your bike because of dodgy brakes, badly adjusted gears, rattles, creaks or soft tyres, then bring your poorly cycle to the Cycle Seahaven Dr Bike surgery for a check up!

We’re at the Seaford Council Offices / Police Station car park on the 1st Saturday of the month, between 10.00 and 12:00.  Dates for 2017 are :  6th May, 3rd June, 1st July, 5th August,  2nd September.

We do not offer a fully equipped bike repair shop - Seaford is fortunate to have one of these already - but we do have the skills, tools & enthusiasm to carry out a full safety check, basic repairs & maintenance. And our aim is to help you do this for yourself!

We are insured and some of us even have cycle maintenance qualifications! But we are all passionate peddlers who will try our hardest to get your cycle fixed and you back in the saddle!

Our venue, is generously provided to us for free by Sussex Police and Seaford Town Council. Therefore, we charge trade prices for the parts we supply (restricted to cables) and leave customers free to make a donation for our labour that will go to our designated charity: the Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Trust during 2017

All the ‘doctors’ are volunteers and so our numbers vary, but we will usually have 3 or 4 on duty.  We don’t use appointments so it’s a first come, first served system. If we won’t have time to fix it that day, then we will ask you to bring it to the next surgery.

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