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Segregated Marking to join or leave the seafront

A few Seaford residents have been in touch with Cycle Seahaven for clarification on the design of the shared cycling scheme on Seaford seafront between the Martello Tower and Edinburgh Road. The floor-painted markings at the Martello and Edinburgh Road ends were installed by East Sussex County Council to guide walkers and cyclists on and off the seafront, and are not intended to suggest any form of further segregation along the route. Seaford Seafront is a Shared Route, and not segregated. Segregation for this flat secion is only at the start and finish.


The blue circular signs along the lower seafront depict a bicycle above some pedestrians, further clarifying the fully shared nature of the route (sign 956).

shared use sign

shared use sign 956


A segregated route, on the other hand,  (like the one on Brighton seafront or over Bonningstedt Parade between Edinburgh Road and the Sailing Club) would have a painted line along its entire length, and the circular blue signs would show a cycle on one side and pedestrians on the other, separated by a vertical line (sign 957).

Segregated 957

Segregated 957


The other question we are asked is ‘why are cyclists not segregated?’.

Segregation of cyclists has been shown to foster a ‘them and us’ attitude to safety. Also it does not give guidance for other users, such as dogs, scooters, wheelchairs (motorised or not), runners and skaters. A dedicated cycle lane would encourage cyclists to ride faster, similar to the way a road cyclists would attain relatively high speed on a dedicated cycle lane in the road. A fully shared route (without lines) is indeed cheaper but, more importantly, the assumed respect for others and lack of inferred ‘rights’ has been shown to be safer for everyone. As the yellow signs say – Share with Care.




Change in markings at Bonningstedt Parade

Segregation markings at Bonningstedt Parade

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  1. Andy Lock
    Andy Lock says:

    There is, in fact, a wrong sign at the top of Bonningstedt parade. This segregated section has an incorrect single shared use sign, visible when heading East (the direction towards Eastbourne).

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