Pump Track at the Salts – latest update from Jon Younghusband.

I know you have all been waiting for an update on the pump track situation, there have been some interesting developments sine the Salts Rec meeting that many of you came along to.

The Salts project only has funding for a skate park and there is no scope or space to include a pump track within the design. However, Craig (Seaford County Council) was very keen on the idea of raising new funding for a pump track to be built in the NW corner over the pitch and putt. Unfortunately he has since left his position as the project manager. He has promised to put me in contact with his replacement in the next few weeks.

Slightly more promising: Yesterday I sat down with a Chris (Project Manager for Lewes County Council). Chris was responsible for the new skate park in Lewes and hopes to bring a similar sized skate park to Newhaven. He is looking at rejuvenating the skate park in Newhaven near the fort but he is really keen on incorporating a pump track in addition to the skate park (size is dependent on funding). Furthermore there is a much larger area available to use in Newhaven, roughly 1,850m2!

Chris attended a meeting with Newhaven Town Council last night and the Councillors unanimously supported the skatepark/pumptrack project. They committed £30,000 to the project, subject to additional funding coming in.

There is already a little funding in place and there are plenty of ideas for additional funding that are already in the pipeline. We are looking for some additional funding as it may be that we do a pump park that is integrated to the skate park too.

I also discussed the possibility for a lockup for Dr Bike, a training facility, workshop and bike wash. The PM was extremely keen on this idea but said that this would need to come from a separate ‘revenue’ funding source within the council and has given me the relevant contact details regarding this funding. This could potentially also be incorporated into CWA.

In order to secure funding we would need to prove that there is a demand for this. To help please could you give your thought on the following survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/8LV8MTW

In terms of a time scale, we could start building early next year if we get the required funding.