Refreshment Stops Revisited

Looking for a good place to stop on your cycle ride for some rest and refreshment? If so, take a look at the list of refreshment stops that the tourers use on their rides.

It’s recently been revised to include only those which we consider local in touring terms so they’re all in Sussex plus a few on the western side of Kent. Those further away such as in the Seine-Maritime department of France have been deleted but will appear in a future list which may prove useful to cyclists staying in Dieppe.

This revised list comprises thirty refreshment stops of which the ten we most frequently visit are as follows:

The Refreshment List is a Google Map showing the location of each of the thirty places.

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4 replies
  1. Tony
    Tony says:

    Our Monday group would strongly recommend the Cherry Tree cafe at Brighton Marina. Plenty of room just outside for bike parking, good service and excellent food.

  2. Clive Aberdour
    Clive Aberdour says:

    Many thanks, Tony, for that suggestion. We’ll include it in one of our touring rides soon.

  3. Andy Lock
    Andy Lock says:

    Many of the MTB rides have been using The View, which is the publically accessible golf club at Seaford Head. It has hot drinks, licensed bar and snacks/sarnies (hot breakfast only served before 11:30am), and can hold a very large group of riders.
    Southdown Road
    BN25 4JS

  4. Clive Aberdour
    Clive Aberdour says:

    Thanks for your suggestion, Andy. Being in Seaford it’s not really suitable as a refreshment stop during a touring ride although we could consider using it an the end of a ride. A couple of times we have finished rides at The Legion where we’ve had a lunch. We’ll do the same with The View sometime.

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