Regular Forest Ride – 17th May 2013


Eleven of us started out from ‘The Gate‘ and headed along the flat past West Dean pond and along the fire-road of the family trail. After a sharp left turn up a dirt bank we headed up a track known locally as Jamie’s Back Passage. Some riders shot to the top quite quickly while others (me included) took much a gentler pace. We all took a long breather at the end of this relatively short section before heading right, down the fire road past a lonely cottage then back up to join the Family Trail.

There was a bit of discussion on the next course of action, after which we decided to head towards the bomb-crater known as ‘Medusa’, where a few brave souls had an impromptu session riding into the steep drop – over and over again.

Then, after another rest, we ventured out to explore some of our favourite trails at a fairly relaxed pace, despite some of the keener riders attempting to burst heart & lungs by racing ahead. Well, it’s a group ride so they’ll just have to wait for me.

We didn’t split into groups of level 3 and level 4, instead we stayed together and all rode at L3. The group spread out quite a bit during the ride, but we all re-grouped at the end of each section. It was great to all ride together, swapping stories and tall tales of cycling prowess and admiring each other’s bikes. We even had time to pose for a photo.

Conditions in the forest were great, as they have been for a while now. The ground is ideal for tyre grip, and the new leaves on the trees have turned the forest into a veritible jungle in places. I’m so looking forward to the next one this Friday 24th May, also meeting at ‘The Gate‘ at 7pm. See you there?

This ride was advertised on the calendar as a 3c and a 4c, but ended up being 3c for everyone.

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