Active Ride Leaders’ Profiles

Cycle Seahaven is very fortunate to have a large number of ride leaders. They can be contacted directly via the Contact Us page.

Carol Bryant

I got into cycling as a hobby in my late twenties and enjoy both on and off road. I like the social side of cycling and prefer the more gentle paced rides, preferably with a great cafe and/or pub involved, of course!
Being part of Cycle Seahaven and the encouragement and support I’ve had from both the touring and MTB sections is amazing. This has played a key part in building my confidence both on and off road. I am keen to support others in this way.
I am happy to assist on any ride, and hope to lead rides which include a social element. A Ripe pop up pub ride or along the Downslink to a summer ening of Jazz at Stans Bike Shack for example!
I hope to see you on one of my rides soon.

Dave Sutton

I have always enjoyed cycling for the benefits of healthy exercise in good company, preferably with a café stop during the ride.

I assist Clive with running the Road, Tourist Pace groups, and lead the Tourers (S)off(T) road ride, which is a monthly easy paced off road ride.

I am a regular volunteer at Dr Bike by Cycle Seahaven, since establishing the regular monthly sessions. I’m always keen to do anything that will help more people get out on their bikes. 

I am also Secretary of the Phoenix-CTC, a cycle touring club which is a member group of Cycling UK

David Tyler

I’ve ridden bicycles since childhood and thankfully (now that I’m well into in adulthood) better bikes have become more affordable and reliable. My interest in all forms of cycling has grown in recent years. I am happy to lead MTB, Cross Country and road rides. With the exception of the most inclement winter months my preference is road riding at an intermediate level.

If you’ve ridden on the roads but want to learn what it’s like to ride in a ‘train’, work as a team and understand the tactics employed when riding as a group then my rides might be suited to you. Details are on the Cycle Seahaven Calendar or you can email me by using the link at the top of this page.

Denis Bass

I have ridden a bike since I was a child,but it wasn’t until the growth of the MTB in the eighties that I found riding a bike so exhilarating and enjoyable. Even now in my retirement riding my bike is one of my top three activities that I enjoy the most.

In 2009 I was looking for some “development” in my cycling life when Cycle Seahaven was formed,since then as the club has grown it has formed an integral part of my cycling life,long may this continue.

Jamie Simmons

I cycle both on road and off road but the majority of my cycle time is spent on a mountain bike. I’ve ridden our local area for many years and have gained a lot of experience of local trails and cross country routes. My riding style generally involves heading out with a group of strong and fast riders, riding solo on a cross country route or hitting the forest trails. However, I also get a huge amount of enjoyment out of seeing riders progress their skills and confidence whilst exploring the local area and the mixture of riding styles it offers.

I’m currently one of a team of ride leaders running the very popular grade 2 and 3 weekend mountain bike rides and occasionally lead the Tuesday 4C rides. I aim to find my own ride leading niche as well which might be forest sessions or hill climbing or faster paced cross country rides.

Kate Carver

I like to ride on and off road although I tend to be on my mountain bike most of the time. I enjoy the social side of the club and it’s always great to meet new members. I’m looking to lead MTB rides to 3C level and I am always happy to assist other ride leaders.

I particularly like getting involved with the ladies rides and would love to hear from any lady who is contemplating joining the club but might be a little unsure of what to expect. We are a very easy-going club whose strength lies in the support and encouragement we give to others. If you are not sure, please contact me, and come and join us for a trial ride. You won’t and regret it.

Kirstie Forcey

I’m fairly new to the world of cycling but hopefully my enthusiasm and love for MTB cross country makes up for that. Joining Cycle Seahaven has been such a positive step for me and I could never have guessed the health benefits riding a bike can bring. I want to give something back and I try to actively support everything the club does; so becoming a Ride Leader was an obvious step. As a ride leader I want to encourage and motivate people. I’m aiming to fill the progression gap between 2B graded rides and 3B graded rides and hopefully you show some of the amazing routes the South Downs have to offer. Keep an eye out for my ‘Wanderlust Wednesdays’ training rides or contact me if you just fancy a relaxed exploration of the area.

Joe Hamilton

After many years of running, swimming and walking, as I approached retirement I thought it would be a good idea to take up cycling. I cycled like most people during my childhood but had not ridden a bike for at least 20+ years. I joined the Touring section during 2014 and since then have completed trips such as the Rhine Valley, Montpellier to Dieppe and others.

My aim is to lead enjoyable Easy Touring rides encouraging others to take part in unsupported multi-day tours. I also wish to promote “days away” where we drive to the start and cycle on new territory. As an example, drive or train to Rye and cycle 50 miles on the Romney Marshes using almost traffic free lanes, with the largest hill being a railway bridge. All levels of cyclists welcome and no one will be left behind.

I am also Chair of Phoenix-CTC, a cycle touring club which is a member group of Cycling UK.

Mark Smoker

A road rider from the start, with a passion for hills and fast descents. A competitive side for the thrill of track racing and will push myself and others to the limit. I enjoy leading the fast sportive and intermediate club rides,(normally with my son in tow) which are aimed more at fitness and exercise but I’m always up for a bit of fun and banter. Riding in a bunch of cyclists is a rush with all the sounds of chains, gears, and voices. So no matter how far or fast the ride we never leave people behind.

Michael Godwin

I am a relatively new member and decided to take on the role as Ride Leader as I want to give others the opportunity to discover new mtb routes and ride with perhaps new CSH members. My rides will be only mtb and occasionally they will be E bike specific, not silly speeds or climbing Mt Everest but with other minded members. Look out for my rides and I look forward to cycling with you soon.

Michelle Brett


I came back to cycling in my late 40’s and thoroughly enjoy the buzz and the freedom that it gives me. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2014, I thought sports was something that ‘I used to do’. My e-bike has given me a new lease of life and made cycling something that I ‘can’ do!

During the time I’ve been with the club I have ridden both off road and road, and plan to lead a variety of rides. Hope to see you out there soon!

Mike Winser

I joined Cycle Seahaven in 2017 and haven’t looked back! 

After riding years with gears, I now enjoy the challenge and low maintenance of riding single speed. 

I love exploring the downs and finding new routes. 

My rides will mostly be Cross Country MTB graded 3C to 4C levels. 

I do like a little bimble through single tracks when passing through. 

My rides are Knight and day. 

If you like banter and to ride hard in all weathers, then I look forward to riding with you soon. 

Paul Sandles

I started riding around the age of 8 and haven’t stopped. I’ve been riding the Downs since my early 20’s, and I never get bored with the views on offer, whatever the weather. So why do I ride? To keep fit, to have fun, make new friends and to enjoy the great countryside we have around this area. Getting out riding clears my mind of all the day to day issues, whether it’s grinding out a tough climb or whizzing down a fast descent or just trying to catch that your mate in front of you. Nothing beats that feeling of being out in the open air on your bike, having fun.

Richard Carruthers


I first started riding off road in 1994, in preparation for a mountain bike cycling trip in India. It was the trip of a lifetime and it left me with a serious mountain biking bug. I returned home and road cross country routes for 100’s of miles around the South Downs between Eastbourne and Brighton. I bought my first ‘proper’ nobly tyred MTB in 2006, and in 2013 I completed the first of several SDW 100 mile events with the BHF charity. Despite all the riding I’ve done, my enthusiasm shows no sign of wearing off and I still love to get out on the downs to ride the trails and see the views. Joining Cycle Seahaven in 2016 has added yet more to my cycling experiences and thanks to the vast collective knowledge of the ride leaders, I often discover routes I otherwise might never have known.

As a Ride Leader I’ll have the opportunity to encourage riders of all ages and abilities to come out, have fun, meet other riders and experience the fantastic trails and countryside we have here right on our doorstep.

See you soon I hope!

Ricki Carver

I have been riding for many years, enjoying mainly cross country but also forest single track, (especially dedicated trail centres) but also love the speed and team work of road riding. I enjoy meeting and encouraging new riders to develop their own abilities. As a Ride Leader, I normally lead one-off cross-country rides and assist with our regular rides, leading them when required.

Rob (Scratch) Allchin

In 2012, after a 20-year hiatus, I bought a mountain bike to keep fit, as I’d given up martial arts due to injury. Since then I’ve re-discovered my love of cycling. Now I regularly go on epic cross-country rides across the South Downs, usually riding 50 miles plus and sometimes over 100 miles in a day. You will also find me in Friston Forest guiding others around and throwing myself down craters. I ride a single speed bike, as I love the back-to-basics simplicity and the reliability of it. It’s also fun conquering big hills without the aid of gears.

The aim of my rides is progression. This includes fitness and skills. Whether this is leading out grade ‘5D’ 70 mile cross country rides; cleanly climbing that killer hill or encouraging novice riders to ride their first forest hazard. “Many little steps makes for big progress” is my mantra.

Rob Blackman

I’ve been riding since I was a kid and rode from Brighton to Devon when I was 15 on an old steel bike that weighed a ton and I’m still knocking out touring, audax and sportive rides 40 years later.

Since then I’ve seen loads of different styles emerge: mountain bikes, carbon roadies, and now cx and carbon gravel go anywhere bikes. One thing is for certain though: whether big or small, novice or advanced, fat or wafer thin, road or off road, slow or fast, load or weight weanie, carbon or metal, we’ve a ride for you.

Roger Case

I returned to cycling a few years ago after one of my daughters gave me an MTB and as part of a fitness regime. I was quickly drawn to riding with the Monday MTB rides led by Tony Rowswell. At the same time I took to road riding eventually joining Touring Group rides. I completed the CSH SDW 3-day ride in 2019 and enjoy exploring the countryside and finding new routes. I ride for the challenge both on and off-road but thoroughly enjoy riding with other CSH riders as they are great company especially when we explore new hostelries for lunch-stops.

I am happy to lead or support rides and my rides will currently be MTB rides graded up to 3D for manual and e-bikes. I am also keen to encourage new and returning riders having just renewed my exhausted supply of CSH cards.

Roger Lambert

I’ve been riding and building bicycles since crashing around the Trent valley on old Raleigh sit up and begs, when hybrid meant making one out of several! I discovered ebiking a few years ago on eMTBs after a chronic health issue finally caught up with me. I’m now more than happy to lead rides that take account of more cautious riders or those who want to explore the South Downs – and the inevitable café – and local roads at a quieter pace. Most such rides are co-organised and led with David Sutton. I’ve undertaken the Bike for Life mechanics L4 course to further my interest in fixing bikes and supporting the work of the Cycle Seahaven Dr Bike team.

Sarah Winser

I love my MTB single speed ‘RusTi’. 

I ride for fitness, exploring the beautiful countryside. I like fast challenging rides in daylight or at night time. 

I am also keen to support our team of ride leaders on most levels of MTB rides.

I have organised the monthly WOW (Women on Wheels) rides. Since the beginning of 2018: mainly gentle off road. My aim is to provide support and encouragement to women of all levels of cycling.

These rides involve a lot of chat washed down with tea and cake!

There are always exciting places to visit-keep an eye on the calendar for details.

Tony Rowswell

In my teens, I was a keen touring cyclist but had not touched a bike for 50 years until about 10 years ago.

I used to like flat traffic-free routes like the Cuckoo Trail and Downs Link but then I bought an MTB e-bike, a Cube Reaction 29er, and my life has changed. The Downs are mine, I can go anywhere! Also having an e-road bike, I have the best of both worlds.

As a Ride Leader, my choice is “Off-road Touring”, using cycleways, byways and bridle ways, many of which have seldom been used by cyclists. These are usually discontinuous so joining them together does involve some (usually quiet) roadwork. Occasionally we will start from more distant locations, such as Hampden Park, or Stanmer Park. The result is that my rides have ranged as far as Pyecombe in the west, Heathfield in the north, and Burwash in the east, not so far in the south and at least 75% off-road.

The Monday Rides include lunch at café, or pub and the emphasis is on an enjoyable ride. Don’t believe what you hear about them always involving mud, this is a wicked slur put about by some rather muddy cyclists.