Ride With GPS (RWGPS) Club Account: Getting Started by Dave Sutton

Here is some feedback from the ‘guinea pig’ members we used for the trialling the RWGPS Club Account.

Signing Up

Before attempting to access the “Auto Joining” link sent in the newsletter, you will first need to have a RWGPS account. The free version is fine as you get the premium features with all Club Rides.

Due to the ease of setting up, our guinea pigs found it is easier to set up the account on a PC/Laptop first, as the bigger screen just seemed to make it easier.

Once you have successfully set up your account, you can click on the link in the newsletter and follow the instructions to join the Cycle Seahaven Club Account.

Anyone new to RWGPS may find it beneficial do the tutorials and play around with the Tools etc to familiarise themselves BEFORE trying to use it.

Choosing a Route

The guinea pigs reported that route selection was easier on a PC or Laptop due to the ability to filter by Tags.

From your newly created RWGPS account you should then be able to see the CSH Routes Library tab to the right of logo.

Once you click on Route Library you should see a screen similar to this one below. When looking to choose a ride from the library, you can filter by “Tags”, Currently they are Road, Off Road and Gravel; you can also filter by terrain difficulty. These are labelled as per the CSH Grading System for Terrain. If you read the accompanying notes for each ride it will identify the start point.

Downloading a Route

Install the RWGPS App to your phone. It’s available in IOS and Android and sign in with the same details you joined with.

When using the app on your phone, you can download the route, it’s mapping and directions whilst you are on your home Wi-Fi. If you do this, the route mapping and directions will be stored on your phone and not use data whilst on the road or trail.

Tap the CSH Icon on your screen

If you tap on the CSH logo you will get this screen.

If you then tap Organisation Routes you get this screen.

I have chosen ‘Robin, Cuckoo and Gun’ to Download. You can tap on the route or tap on the three buttons to the right of the route, and tap Download. The screen below shows the view if you tap the route title. You can then press Download.

Download times for the routes can take a few minutes depending on the file size and your Wi-Fi speed. Routes you have downloaded will be viewable in your “Library”, the button for which is at the bottom of the Home Screen. Then press “Offline”.

Navigating with the App

Once you have downloaded a route for offline use,  use the “navigate” button in the App. This will appear in your Library under offline.

When you are ready to ride just tap Navigate and you should get spoken turn by turn navigation in a similar fashion to a car sat nav. Obviously you will need to have your phone’s GPS switched on!

Several users have reported that by turning the phone volume to full and placing the phone in a jacket or jersey pocket, the audible turn by turn instructions were sufficient to navigate by, and had no need to look at the screen.

Whilst on a ride, if you’re unsure of where you are, you can stop, check your phone, pinch zoom and swap between map types or use the re-centre icon.


You get several options with Map type and overlays. These are accessed by tapping the icon that looks like a stack of papers on the map screen.

From here you can choose what you want:

– Off Road OSM Outdoor or OSM Cycle resemble OS maps.

– Road rides Standard is the Google Map,

I also like Directional Arrows, Distance Markers and Map Scale.



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5th March 2021 10:22 am

Going to give this a go for sure once we are all released