Ripe’s Winged Wheel

The CTC Winged Wheel at Ripe

The Sunday touring ride to Arlington today went past the derelict pub, ‘The Lamb’ in Ripe. It looks an eyesore so wouldn’t normally be worthy of a photo except there is something intriguing about it to cyclists. Take a look at the photo and you’ll see, located high up on the outside wall of the pub, a CTC (Cyclists Touring Club) Winged Wheel plaque. These cast-iron plaques, two feet in diameter, were issued by the CTC about 120 years ago to approved inns and hotels. Clearly, The Lamb was such an establishment; shame it’s closed down. However, there is an excellent café just across the road.

The $64,000 question is what will happen to this plaque when the builders get to work on the old pub; it seems unlikely to continue as a pub. Hopefully it can be saved and put to good use.

There’s a website if you’d like to know more about these plaques at

As for the one at Ripe, watch this space!

Happy cycling,