Ride Leader Information

This page is for stuff that ride leaders need to get to quickly.


Calendar Update

In order to keep some form of uniformity below is a guide on how to complete an entry onto the Ride and Events calendar.

    CS Rides and Events Calendar how to guide

If you have any problems, please contact Webmaster by e-mail. Detailed instructions are available from the Ride leader Co-ordinator. Please ensure you title the ride with the Classification first followed by the grading then any description i.e. Road 3C  Touring Hastings, MTB 2B Saltdean, Road 4D Intermediate Tunbridge Wells, MTB 3D Friston forest Single Track Ride or Road/Cycle path 2A Sunday Saunter.

Incident Reporting

The ride leader decides which incidents should be reported, but it’s likely you will want to fill out the form where an incident that involves –

  • Emergency services
  • First Aid. A useful benchmark on whether to report or not, is the likelihood of additional medical treatment being required later. So a minor graze or cut isn’t reportable, but something that needs further medical intervention should be. If in doubt err on the side of caution and report.

Incidents should be recorded as soon as possible using the incident form, ideally within a couple of days. All ride leaders should have access details. If you are unable to recall please contact the webmaster ASAP.

Incident reporting form here

Club radios

Cycleseahaven have a number of radios at their disposal to lend out to ride leaders. Please contact a Ride leader coordinator to arrange a loan either for short term or long term.

Conditions of use:

  1. You are responsible for the safe keeping of all radios lent to you.
  2. You accept a record of the loan is stored on computer by the committee.
  3. You are responsible to inform a Ride lead coordinator if  you pass on the radios to another ride leader, accept where they are for use on a single ride on the same day.
  4. Radios are normally lent out in pairs with a charging station.
  5. You must inform a Ride leader coordinator of any faults that may occur.  

Ride leader’s guidelines

The following two pages are taken from the former CTCs website.  CyclingUK, as it now is, does not have the equivalent guides and all web links and telephone numbers therein are invalid.  However, the advice they contain is still relevant and valuable so we have continued to display them. The 3rd link is the current Cycling UK Guides which may be of interest.

       Guide to cycling with a group

       Ride Leader guide

       Ride Leader’s Tool Kit

Risk Assessment

       Risk Assessment

Ride Leaders description page   

       click here

Young Members Page

       click here


For longer standing ride leaders, the rideline is no longer operational due to changes made by our provider, Sipgate. All cancellations need to be applied directly to the calendar by adding the words *CANCELLED* to the BEGINNING of the description – adding it to the end makes it difficult to see on a mobile device. Don’t just delete the ride entry as this can be confusing – far better to state that it’s cancelled.

First Aid and Training

Ride Leaders first aid packs are held by the committee. Requests for replacement supplies can be made via here.  A reminder if you have need to use items in the first aid kit then there should be a corresponding incident report completed. First Aid Training is not a requirement, but we recommend it.  Periodically First Aid Training courses are arranged, if you would like first aid training or a refresher then get in touch on our contact page

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