Sunday Blast Ride Report

The weather was perfect on Sunday morning. The 4 riders were Mat, Simon, Mark & Dave, all experienced road riders. Our pace was pretty fast so after a little pep talk we got ourselves organised into a train and took our turns leading. We stopped for coffee in Bexhill then headed back towards Eastbourne. We had a slight head wind but it didn’t slow us down, in fact our train was working so well we were speeding along at 24mph until we dropped Mark off he back! We slowed it down through Eastbourne then tackled Beachy Head. Mark ‘the mountain goat’ then overtook us and steamed off up the hill. After a fast descent and the East Dean and Exceat climbs, we finished within 4 hours. Probably one of the fastest club rides we have done, ever!

Stats; Distance 52.6 miles, Avg. speed 16.9 mph, riding time 3:05 hrs, time elapsed 3:57 hrs.


This ride was published as a level 4, but turned out to be a level 5!

Our ride levels are for guidance, and the level/grade can go up or down to suit whoever turns up on the day. This time it was definitely up!