Safer Highway Code for cycling and walking

Cycling UK have been closely involved in pre-consultation on proposed changes to the Highway Code that would make cycling and walking safer.

The proposals include:

  • The introduction of the ‘Hierarchy of Users’ or ‘Hierarchy of Responsibility’, recognising that road users who pose greater risks to others ought to have a higher level of responsibility.
  • Simplification of the rules relating to non-signalised junctions, which will make junctions safer and address ‘left-hook’ collision
  • New rules to tackle dangerous overtaking and ‘close passes’, with a guideline minimum safe passing distance of 1.5m
  • The inclusion of the Dutch Reach, to help prevent ‘car-dooring’

These are just some of more than 50 changes, and we’ve highlighted 10 key changes which we need you to support to help make our roads safer. If adopted, these new rules could help address many of the everyday problems all cyclists face on the roads, and would help educate all drivers, feeding into driving lessons and tests, and help the police better enforce driving which puts people cycling and walking at risk.

Much more information on the Cycling UK website:

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