Sunday Morning Ride to Ovingdean, 9 March 2014

2014-03-09 Ovingdean Beach CafeWall to wall sunshine,  virtually no wind and the air feeling quite fresh,  ideal conditions for our Sunday morning ‘touring’  cycle ride to Ovingdean.  Six cyclists met at the Martello Tower at 9.00 am,  some having not cycled for two or three month due to the foul weather conditions over winter.

We headed west following NCN Route 2 to Newhaven. Already there were plenty of people out,  jogging,  walking or cycling through the Ouse Valley Nature Reserve on this fine Spring morning.  We took our usual diversion through Newhaven via Valley Rd and then through the back roads of Peacehaven following Route 2.  It wasn’t long before we were at Saltdean and descending down the slip road to the undercliff path.

The wide concrete path at the base of the cliffs is usually a joy to cycle along but this morning it proved to be a bit challenging.  There were stones everywhere,  having been thrown up by the winter storms;  surely they should have been cleared up by now!  It was good to see so many children riding their bikes or scooting along the path although it certainly slowed our progress.  But,  we weren’t in a hurry and we hadn’t got far to go;  we soon reached the Beach Café at Ovingdean which was doing a brisk trade this morning.  Sally conjured up a vacant table where we sat enjoying the warmth of the sun over a cuppa.  It may be early Spring but it felt more like early summer!

Our return trip to Seaford was along the same route which was mostly easy going except for the steep incline up the slip road at Saltdean.  It’s only short,  probably about 100 metres,  but we needed a breather at the top! Well,  it is early in the cycling season after all.

We were back at the Martello Tower well before Noon.  It had been a round trip of about 24 miles and very enjoyable;  let’s hope this superb weather continues so we can get out for more fine Sunday morning cycle rides.

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