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The annual Cycle Seahaven awards fall into two categories. Those that are awarded by the Ride Leaders and those that are awarded by the Committee.

The Ride Leader awards for this year go to:

Female Road – Carol Bryant. Carol started cycling with the tourers in the autumn of 2018 and is now one of Cycle Seahaven’s keenest cyclists.  Carol rides both MTB and road bikes and recently became a ride leader. She has been working hard to try and encourage more integration between the two groups.

Male Road – Dave Sutton. Dave is very active in arranging touring rides and is always willing to help others. He has taken touring rides in new directions such as off-road touring and Audax events.

Female MTB – Kate Carver. Kate has tirelessly supported the ladies rides and is the linchpin for pub/social rides. She’s out in all weathers and her cheery disposition and the occasional song helps motivate those around her.

Male MTB – For the first time ever there was a three-way tie. The winners were:

Dan Shepard. Dan has shown remarkable grit and determination in improving his riding skills and stamina since joining the club. He trained hard for the South Downs Way event last year and completed 2650 miles in 9 months.

Clive Williams. Clive is always on his bike trying to develop new skills. He has gone from being a beginner, who struggled to ride over tree roots, to popping jumps over tabletops at Bike Park Wales.

Charlie Helm. Charlie’s 13 years of age. He completed London to Brighton last year (including Ditchling Hill), to raise money for the MEN2B charity. He’s promoted the club and the charity on local radio and is now arranging a Brighton to Paris charity ride.

The Committee Cups went to:

Donna and Lee Turner for their help and support to the committee last year. They’ve been actively engaged in transporting in Dr Bike equipment and supporting the events. They also helped with social events and have been a real asset to the club. Since the award both of joined the committee.

Charity update:

Cycle Seahaven members raised £1000 last year making a grand total of  £3100 in the last two years.

Special thanks:

Denis Bass retired from the committee this year after over a decade of service to the club. He’s been Club Secretary and more recently the club’s Treasurer and Membership Secretary. Both he and his wife Sharon, have dedicated a lot of time to the club. We are very grateful to them both and hope to see them on a bike or future social events. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done. From all of us at Cycle Seahaven



Cycling Without Age Launch Sunday 7th Oct

CWA Seaford Chapter launches its Trishaws  on Sunday 7th October at 10 am.

All are welcome to our launch event from 10am on Sunday 7th October at the west end of the promenade by the Sailing Club.

A very short presentation of the trishaws will be given and then we will be giving short taster rides in our two new trishaws and answering any questions about the project.

For more details of how we started and have raised funds for the project, please follow the LINK

Trishaw comes to Seaford

Following a vote at Cycle Seahaven’s recent AGM it was agreed that we would support Cycling Without Age – Seaford to raise awareness and funds to enable them to purchase the first Trishaw for Seaford.  A fortunate visit to Cycling Without Age’s roadshow last Friday in Hassocks gave us a last minute chance to have a loan Trishaw called Annie for the week.  Jumping at the chance to promote this amazing scheme Cycle Seahaven took delivery of the Trishaw on Saturday.

Annie’s first ride out was on Sunday where we spent 3 hours down at Seaford Seafront offering rides to passers by and also to our club riders to have a go at being the pilot (rider) as well as the passenger.  Many were surprised and pleased to find that the bike is power assisted which makes it incredibly easy to ride with passengers up front.  Our volunteer passengers commented on how comfortable the ride was and how fun it felt to be up front with the wind in their hair and the fantastic views along the seafront.

It was also very noticeable the interaction between passengers and passers by who all wanted to wave and say hello.  This being a key element of the scheme – getting people back outside and feeling part of their local community once more.  A quick recharge overnight saw Annie refreshed and ready for another day on the seafront.  Once again there was a fantastic response from the general public and from the press.

Behind the scenes the club has worked very hard in a very short time to make new contacts for Pete Tattam (founder of Cycling Without Age – Seaford) and Mary Hawes (fundraiser) which has really kickstarted the fundraising and publicity.  Sussex Express also contacted us after seeing the post on facebook and will be covering the story in this Friday’s edition.  Seahaven FM also visited and taped some interviews and have been covering this on the radio all week.

Both Pete and Mary commented that they are so grateful for the support shown by the Club and feel re-energised about their project.  They are starting to believe that the purchase of a Trishaw this year may now be a real possibility.

The Trishaw was also in Broad Street on Friday Morning after which she was invited to visit Old Ben Warden Assisted Homes in Seaford to give some of the residents a ride out.


Love cycling and want to give something back to the community?

A short while ago several CSH members expressed interest in the Cycle Without Age (CWA) initiative that recently started in Brighton. Simply put it involves the use of a rickshaw, ridden by a volunteer, to take elderly people out in the fresh air. The concept started in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is taking off around the world. More information can be found by clicking on the attached link.

Peter Tattam has asked if any Cycle Seahaven members, or anyone, would be interested in starting a new Seaford ‘chapter’. If you are interested or able to help in any way (not necessarily as a rider) please contact Pete using the form below. Your response will also go to the Cycle Seahaven committee so we can help coordinate and support any future project.

Let us know your interest in Cycling Without Age

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