Friston Forest Family Ride – April 2016

31 riders took to the forest for the April Forest Family Bike Ride. We started at the Exceat Forest car park and headed down to Friston Pond. Then along to the Candy Canes where we did a short section of the Red Route before rejoining the Family Trail. We headed up towards the Lookout where the group split with the more adventurous going down the Snow Run, while Mark led the calmer group down to the fire road. We paused where the Snow Run ends and cheered the more adventurous riders on as they crossed the fire track and headed down the Final Descent. We all met up at the bottom to head back towards the car park. On the way we had a short pause at Friston Pond for the kids to have a go shooting down through the trees on the opposite hill, slamming on their brakes to stop going head-long into the pond.

The weather was great and it was a really enjoyable ride. We had two new club members join us for their first club ride who brought their kids along with them, so hopefully we will see Tim and Karl out again soon.

GroupShot GroupShot2

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Family Easter Egg Ride 2017

Saturday 15th April we will hold our hugely popular Annual Family Forest Easter Egg Ride.

We meet at the first Forest car park at 2:00pm for a short briefing where you get to meet everyone and talk about the rules to stay safe.

We will then take the family route round the forest stopping half way round for an egg hunt in the field. Finally we head back to the car park we started from. All at a leisurely pace with plenty of forest features to enjoy.

You must register and indicate how many children you will be bringing along so that we can ensure an ample supply of Creme Eggs.
Please register and agree to the rules by clicking on the Registration Form link below:


Ride Leader: Mark Woodgate or
07446 37005 or
use our online contact form at .