This excellent video by Isla Rowntree shows us the best way to teach most kids how to ride a bike. Some key points are:

  • Avoid starting with stabilisers. These teach kids the opposite of what to do when they go onto two wheels;
  • Start with a ‘balance bike’. This is a simple sit-on bike with no pedals. Kids scoot along learning balance at their own pace;
  • Use a bike that is the right size – never too big;
  • Teach them to brake off the bike so they get the feel before riding;
  • The balls of the childs feet should be able to touch the ground (rather than being fully flat);
  • Find a big open space on flat tarmac. Grass is too difficult for the child to get momentum and balance;
  • Stand behind the bike when supporting the child under the armpits (I find it easier to hold onto their hoodie or rucksack);
  • Have fun and let them learn at their own pace.

Click on the video below to see it all in action