The Pan American Highway challenge -Week One Challenge Update

The Pan American Highway challenge has seen lots of club members out riding and adding their miles together.

This week we have had 54 members riding 2,728 miles in just one week !!!

We started our challenge in a town called Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska from here we have cycled through some great sounding places. Here’s just a few Coldfoot, Livengood, Moose Creek (top picture), Dot Lake, Beaver Creek, Whitehorse (centre picture), Chickens Neck Mountain Ecological Reserve, and are now finishing the week in Vancouver (bottom picture).   Go on get the map out and take a look.



There is still plenty of time to join us on this fun virtual challenge so join the Strava group or email/message us your daily miles and we can add you in. Open to all club members and their families. If you are on turbo trainers your miles still count

Here are a few pics from this week’s adventures. Come on join the challenge and help us reach Ushuaia in Argentina

Jo and Dave Barlow






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