Thursday Pub Ride Report – 9th April


Even  after only a few days some of the details of my first ride as ride leader are a bit hazy; nothing to do with the fact that this was a pub ride of course. As usual the banter and the jokes were mostly in the dreadful taste we’ve all come to know and love. Although conditions were dry, and it was great  to set off in daylight.

13 riders started as usual from the White Lion at 7pm – I very soon realized that the pub ride is much like herding cats as the ‘line’ broke into friendly little groups all at different speeds and some on slightly different routes – by the time we arrived at the 8 Bells there were 19 of us. There had been no more than 14 of us for 99pc of the ride – this involved a lot of counting, and recounting to allow for the late arrivals and to make sure we didn’t lose anyone – fat chance! Our ages ranged from 20 to over 70, and it was a pleasure to see Cycle Seahaven’s minutes secretary, Tony, out for his first ever Thursday night ride. And a big thank you to Mickey and Gus for their role as ‘sweepers’.

The ride covered 27Kms at a very respectable average of 14 KPH, according to my Garmin. 12 of us stayed on for ‘lemonade and crisps’ at the White Lion on our return, after the ride had finished. It was a blast!

Roger Lambert – Chair

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Tony Rowswell
16th April 2015 5:34 pm

Not quite my first Thursday pub ride. I did a ride to the Hope sometime ago and have done two “over the top” to the Flying Fish quite recently!