Tour of Britain – Motorcycle Escort Video

Cycle Seahaven member Eon Matthews is also a member of the National Escort Group GB. Eon has escorted all 11 Tour of Britain cycle races, and was amazed when he found out the tour was coming through his home town. Eon has compiled footage of Stage Seven of the ToB which came through his hometown of Seaford, which you can view on YouTube using this link:

Eon gives us an insight to being part of National Escort Group GB:
” It is honestly a hard week although some would say what is hard about riding a motorcycle on closed roads escorting cyclists,  staying in 5* hotels and getting paid for it?  Well you have got to have your wits about you. Over the years I have had car doors open on me,  pedestrians walking out on me,  being cut up by the team cars and trying to get through the peloton to name a few,  as well as getting to the start up to 1 hour before the race of over 100 miles,  then onto the next hotel which can be over 4 hours it is a long day in the saddle –  but I wouldn’t change it.

How we get picked is done by our regional coordinators. Every weekend during the season we are the safety bikes for local road race leagues and we have to do x amount to be in line for being picked. You also need to be a level one rider (level 3 being trainee) or possibly level 2 depending on how experienced you are.

The other good thing was that I could pick up the cakes for the Escort team as I was passing through.  This has become a sort of tradition that whenever we go through one of the members towns they supply the cakes for the rest of the team. Normally we have Welsh cake as one of our member’s wife normally bakes them, but we were not going no near his town so it was my turn.

I believe that the tour is looking to come back into sussex again which would be good.”




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  1. Clive Aberdour
    Clive Aberdour says:

    Super video Eon. Bit like watching F1 on the TV but your film is more exciting! Great to see so many people out on the streets watching the TOB; even better to see them on some of the roads we cycle along on our club rides. I can see that you need a lot of skill to get through the peloton without colliding with any of the cyclists. As you say, you have got to have your wits about you.

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